Dual band HRM with multiple devices

I’ve a HRM chest band that will transmit on both Bluetooth and ANT+. Is it possible to pair something like this with two head units, one using BT and one ANT+?

My main recording unit would be a Garmin Oregon on which I wish to preserve battery life so unless I need to look at the mapping the screen is powered off. So to see my HR whilst riding I’d need another device, can be cheap but does need to have decent battery life (in the order of 16hrs). Obviously if the HRM can’t connect to two devices then there’s little point in searching for the second unit.

I have my Wahoo Tickr paired to my MacBook and Bolt at the same time. Same when I use my iPad.

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I do this to run zwift whilst doing TR workouts. Zwift on PC with Ant+ and Trainerroad on phone/tablet via Bluetooth. No issues at all.

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I’ve done it with my Tickr, MacBook, Garmin, and Phone, to record my 3 power sources along with HR.

Ant+ Is be one-to-many, so you can pair one sensor to multiple receiving devices.

Bluetooth is one-to-one.


I think it depends on the Bluetooth spec used. Most current BT HRM are, like headphones use to be, but it doesn’t need to stay that way. I believe the Garmin Duo already is.