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I have a new Garmin Dual HRM (appx 2 months old). Until Sunday, it worked flawlessly with all devices. On my rides on Sunday and yesterday, the HRM would show as paired and connected on my iPhone and TR app, but would not show my heart rate. This was also true for other apps that I checked with last night. Each was showing paired and connected, but not actually showing my heart rate.

At the exact same time as my TR workouts, I was connected to my iPad as well and it demonstrated heart rate without any issue using Zwift. My typical set up is TR on my phone and Zwift on my iPad and I have never had an issue until Sunday. The HRM supports dual bluetooth connections.

Attempting to troubleshoot last night, I confirmed that the HRM works with my iPad, computer, and Garmin Edge. it would not demonstrate heart rate on my iPhone no matter what. I forced restarted my iPhone. I forgot and repaired the HRM. I took out the battery and replaced on the HRM. I opened and closed all of the apps on my iPhone. I cannot figure out what is going on.

Has anyone experienced anything like this? Any guidance or solutions to help? I appreciate your time and input. Thanks.

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How many connections via Bluetooth were you trying?

Just two, iPad and iPhone. It supports two concurrent bluetooth connections. At least its supposed to.

Edit - Also, my computer and Garmin Edge were turned off at the time. I have only paired it with those four devices since I purchased it.

There’s a few Garmin HRM Dual posts on here including one from me. For me I had to go into my Android phone and reset the Bluetooth settings. I also saw a post where someone had to do that with their iphone. It sucks because you’ll have to re pair every Bluetooth device you own but at least you get your HRM back.

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Are you sure? I thought the “dual” in the name was in relation to it supporting ant and Bluetooth - not multiple Bluetooth.

Garmin HRM-Dual™ | Heart Rate Monitor with Chest Strap if you click HRM comparison it shows below for concurrent connections.

ANT: No limit
BLUETOOTH Low Energy: 2

I also know that it works because it was working for several weeks with my iPad running Zwift and iPhone running TR with both getting HR info from the Garmin strap. it just randomly stopped on Sunday and I can’t figure out why.

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That’s a pain, but at least its a potential solution. Thanks for the help.

Any time I have bluetooth issues with ANY device, the first thing I do is turn OFF every single bluetooth device in my house and then just turn on the one(s) I actually want to connect to. (Not turn off bluetooth, completely shut down the devices). Then, start turning on devices and see if any of them steal the signal. If they do, “forget” the device. This almost always solves the problem. Very frequently, people experiencing hrm or power meter dropouts have previously connected them to their phone, and the phone starts fighting the trainer or head unit, or laptop, or whatever for the connection.

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I had the same problem with the HRM dual on Android. It seems to be some internal “hidden” state on the phone. Using the iPhone “Reset Network Settings” may fix it. On Android I could back up network settings (making sure the HRM was not paired) and restore after resetting but I don’t know if you can do that on the iPhone, so make sure you have WiFi passwords and such saved.

Also some people had it work after updating firmware on the HRM, but I don’t think you can do that unless you have a Garmin device to pair to it.

After quite some troubleshooting and thinking that my Garmin HRM-dual was somehow broken and buying a new Garmin HRM-dual I then started googling this issue and found this thread.

This started roughly two weeks ago. My setup is:

  • Trainerroad
  • Kickr Core
  • Two different Android phones (A brand new Pixel 7a and a brand new OpenPlus 10T)
  • Garmin Edge 1030P
  • Garmin HRM-dual

Up to the mentioned 2 weeks ago, I’ve been able to use my setup for years on multiple different Android phones so that:

(1) I start TR on my phone and I have my Garmin HRM-dual connected to my Android phone as well as my Kickr Core
(2) I have my Garmin Edge 1030P also at the same time connected to my Garmin HRM-dual

Then all of a sudden two weeks ago all of this went haywire and I either lost all HRM-data on all devices or I got a constant HR on 72bpm (this is strange but it’s 72bpm) on one device and nothing on another. When I look at either Garmin Edge or an Android device I see that the HRM-dual is connected but it’s not sending any HRM data.

Yesterday I got very frustrated with my new HRM belt and started thinking that this can’t be Garmin or HRM-belt related I switched every other Bluetooth thing off and just paired the HRM via ANT+ to my Edge and voila it works perfectly. I can’t get anything else to work reliably, it won’t talk via BT to an Android phone in a reliable way. I might get data for a while but it won’t last for 30min before it dies.

I think that some Android patch has broken something now… ?

Is anyone else with these problems?

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Yes, I am having similar issues with my Garmin HRM-Dual and Galaxy S-23 phone. My last ride was on Feb. 6 where all worked fine. Today, Feb. 20, the HRM connects to TR on the phone but does not display a heart rate. My phone took a TR update on Feb. 16.

Interesting enough, using the same HRM and strap while connected to TR on my S8 tablet a heart rate does display. The tablet has not taken the Feb. 16 update yet.

In troubleshooting I have replaced batteries, uninstall/re-install sw, rebooted phone, checked for both sw and fw updates, ensured strap conductivity and other measures. Nothing has solved the issue.

A ticket has been submitted to TR Support.