What do you do today that you never did before listening to the Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast?

It didn’t really dawn on me how much listening to the Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast was impacting me until one day I realized I was doing something I had never done before, but had recently heard about on the podcast.

Less than a week after listening to episode 289 I found myself licking my heart rate monitor strap. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Which got me wondering, I wonder what other ACCP listeners are doing today that they never did before listening to the podcast.


Eating during an indoor workout :smile:


I didn’t consume calories like I do today while training. Or own an indoor trainer. Or have a power meter. Or take Pomegranate Extract. Or time my meals. I rode outside, hammered when I could, and toodled when I needed to.


Use more than one cadence. (That is overall faster)


Eat 60+ g of carbs an hour. The TR podcast also inspired me to listen to other podcasts of that nature. Made me quite an informed cyclist.


subscribe to TrainerRoad.


Eating tons of sugar for virtually every workout, and being somewhat consistent with structured training.



Fuel my workouts and eat mountains of cereal pre-races :partying_face:

a power meter seemed an essential purchase all of a sudden

I also now check for loose bolts before a race :wink:

  • Feel really good about super easy workouts like the one I had today (Bald Knob -2).
  • Feel good about rest.
  • Fuel properly on the bike.
  • Recognize the importance of good sleep.
  • Better understand when to pull the plug and when to push through.
  1. its okay to mess up one or two workouts, some days, you just dont have it in you.

  2. eating before every single workout, anything above 1 hour, sweet drink and snacks.

  3. FTP isnt everything, understand the power profile of the race and work towards it

  4. Amber is awesome

  5. getting on the bike isnt the only way to improve your bike racing, nutrition, sleep, yoga, strength could potentially help with gains on the bike.


I eat way more carbs on the bike!
I have recovery shake after almost every ride or workout
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Pay way more attention to recovery!
Pay more attention to stress and how it impacts training fatigue

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Seeing sugar in a different light!

Now I fuel before cycling and strength workouts. And it makes me think why I’m having so much outside of working out.

fuel indoor workouts, and do the easy stuff, like boring low intensity recovery rides… i still find them incredibly boring, but at least i do them now…

  • 90+ g carbs/h
  • Recovery shake after (carbs+protein)
  • Long threshold and sst intervals in spite of many podcasts discussions
  • Bought a lot of fans to improve cooling

Ahs, and I forgotten about small thing - riding a bike.

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  • Licking the strap
  • 60+carbs per hour
  • Lasko!!
  • Focus on sleep & diet and read books about them
  • Spend hours planning workouts
  • Ride inside on a perfectly nice weekend
  • Read medical research papers
  • Really think about the placebo effect
  • Want a steam shower
  • Want an S-Works Epic even though it comes with the Brain and is known for beating people up
  • Listen to people talk about training on my daily commute instead of listening to my favorite music

People, you can just lick your finger and rub it on the strap. Way more hygienic!

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Honestly, I’d bet my strap is a lot cleaner than my fingers most of the time.


I suppose that all depends upon where your finger has been. :crazy_face:


Very small detail in the grand scheme of training and nutrition, but I always leave buffer time between caffeine consumption and food intake. I actually sent in this question a while back and @chad found the topic interesting enough for a deepdive

You should listen (link below) and consider/rethink the timing of your coffee/caffeine intake

Link → Does Your Caffeine Intake Ruin Absorption of Nutrients? - YouTube