What do you do today that you never did before listening to the Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast?

(1) take the strap (minus the pod) in the shower with you after a workout and give it a bit of soap and rinse.
(2) Run it under a bit a warm water before putting it on. Licking? Nope. I wouldn’t ask my dog to lick my sweaty chest, so why would I basically do it myself ?

You wouldn’t be. You’d be licking the clean strap you just washed with soap and water the day before

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Eating more on the bike.

Not counting calories, going with the endurance diet approach.

Licking the strap.


Sleepin more.


I picked up cycling just a year ago and I’ve been using TR only for 2 months, but it really „anchored“ me in the sport. The main takeaways so far: Sleep is important. This has not only changed my performance on the bike, but also my life off the bike. I am just way more relaxed. A second take away is that consistency is key: Hang in there an results will show.


Eat Popeye’s


This. Or consuming calories at least. A carb drink is hardly eating :smile:

Also…listening to 2+ hour podcasts. I never did that prior to listening to TR. :laughing:


Choose not to have a beer.

Honestly, TrainerRoad has ruined my life​:rofl::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Drink a non / low alcohol beer!

They all taste of disgusting chemicals and nothing remotely close to actual beer … except one!! :raised_hands:

Are you in the US? Athletic Brewing has made some really nice NAs. My favorites are Run Wild IPA, Upside Dawn Lager, and Cerveza Athletica, which is similar to a Dos Equis style.


I’m just glad you didn’t say licking your arm and jersey for electrolytes during a hot ride. I don’t remember which episode number that was, but every time I remember it I die a little inside…:face_vomiting:

I’m in the UK but I did a search and found Athletic Brewing Co have a UK website / delivery - will be trying those out shortly, thank you!!

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I wish they sold ‘em in Japan. My wife’s pregnant and during pregnancies I support her by almost cutting alcohol entirely. So rather than sharing a beer or two on Fridays, we now share an alcohol-free beer. Some of them are bad, but others are passable. We are leaning into this: we aim to try different brands and types to keep things interesting.

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