What do do after SSBMV2

Hi folks,

First time poster here. I’ve been using TR for a year or so now as an addition to the great riding I have where I live (Las Vegas) but a 6 month military deployment to the Middle East has given me time to dedicate a solid block of time to structured training. I’m just about to finish SSBMV2 and am feeling very strong having managed all the workouts in this block with no ‘failures’. I saw a nice FTP increase after SSBMV1 (276 to 289) and I feel like another nice bump is coming up when I next test after the recovery week. I just completed Leconte today fairly comfortably so am expecting something with a 3 in the front next time I test.

I’m due to go home in December and am looking for your collective advice on what to do next. I don’t race, but I’m a pretty competitive guy and love riding hard with my buddies and pipping them on climbs etc. Our usual ‘competitive climb’ is a Class 2 climb of 1300’ in 4.5 miles, it’s split into two sections with a small descent of about 0.5 miles in the middle. My target when I deployed was to be able to climb it in sub 20 mins, and I’m pretty sure looking at my numbers I’d be able to do that now, but I want to leave my mates in my wake!

So, what plan would you suggest I follow for the remaining 12 weeks of my time out here. By setting my ‘A Race’ to mid Dec, Plan builder gave me Sustained Power Build MV followed by Climbing Road Race MV which is currently plugged in to my calendar. But I’m wondering if I’d be better focusing on steady state power rather than explosive attacks as I tend to climb steady state rather than punching.

I’m just over 200lbs. I could probably lose about 5 lbs of ‘stored fuel’, but at that weight I’d be crazy lean. I can’t get too skinny so climbing is always going to be my achilles heel whilst I carry some upper body muscle.

Thanks for your time folks.

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Sustained power will address longer efforts so your plan sounds good


+1 for Sustained Power


Sustained Power! Get ready to suffer though.


Sustained power build suggestion on my end too. As others have said, get ready to suffer! Riding at threshold for extended periods of time will definitely make you feel like you’re working hard. The good thing is the pain is worth it. You increase your Lactate threshold as well as your TTE (time to exhaustion).

If you were able to drop a few KG’s as well that we’ll help. Even if it’s just like 2kg so you’re not sacrificing too much upper body mass that you need for your job, but just enough to notice a difference going up hill.

The other thing that I’ve been doing is swapping my FTP test around. I found that the the ramp test isn’t a good one for me (N=1) to use during the General Build (first half of the Build program is very similar to the Sustained Power Build) because of the higher VO2 effort for the ramp test. Best one I’ve found is the Moore FTP progression 1 test. Works well alongside the SPB and GB programs I have found.

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I’d echo what others have said. Sutained Power, followed up with Climbing Road Race sounds solid to me. Climbing Road Race sprinkles in a bit of variety and keeps the training interesting.

Good luck with your challenge :+1:t2:


Thanks folks, glad to know I’m on the right path.

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Thanks for the suggestion on the different tests available, I’ll give them a look. VO2Max is probably my most natural physiological strength; I’ve found that SSBMV1 and 2 has significantly filled in weaknesses at holding sustained power at SS and Threshold, hopefully making me a better all rounder.

And yes, I’m intending to try and shave a few KGs towards the end of my deployment. Just now I’m finding it difficult to fuel work and TR workouts whilst creating a deficit but it will happen. Hopefully this way I can build power first and then I can cut some upper body mass without too much loss in the legs.


All the best for the rest of your time over there. Stay safe and enjoy the TR training!