What Can I use?

Hi all.

I start my TrainerRoad campaign on Jan 5th. I’m a little lost as to what I can use. I have the following:

•Garmin Edge 1030 with HR monitor, speed & cadense sensor.
•Tacx Satori Smart Trainer
• Tablet in order to use TrainerRoad.

I’m sort of guessting that I won’t need my garmin but not sure. Any help would be appreciated.

Is your tablet ant+ ready? If not you will need a ant+ dongle and interface cable. Check with TR support and they should be able to answer you quickly.

Hey Steven!

Nickster is right, you will need your Tablet to have ANT+ compatibility in order to pair your Speed/Cadence sensor and your Heart Rate Monitor. The Satori should pair right out of the box since both the Satori and your Tablet have Bluetooth built in.

I’d recommend checking out our equipment checker to help you sort out any extra dongles you may need :slight_smile: https://www.trainerroad.com/equipment-checker


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Thanks guys much appreciated.

Not cheap this indoor training game is it!

Think i’ll just use my laptop with an ant+ antenna.

Cycling in general is not cheap.

It can be done on a “budget”, but that is a very relative term.



Get a quality fan that pushes some air across your body. Personally, I like the Lasko Pro Performance. You can thank me later :grin:

Here’s a forum link…

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+100 the fan.

Also, connecting the cadence and HR data is a nice to have, not actually required. If your trainer delivers power data over BlueTooth and your tablet has BlueTooth and can run TrainerRoad, you should have the bare minimum. If you add the fan.

Another option, again assuming power from the trainer over BlueTooth and ANT+ and you have BlueTooth on the tablet is:

  • Load your workout.
  • Disable WiFi on the tablet.
  • Start your ride.
  • Record data with the Garmin (trainer connected by ANT+).
  • Use TR on the tablet to guide your workout (trainer on BlueTooth).
  • Upload data from the Garmin and from Garmin Connect to TrainerRoad.
  • After the Garmin data shows up in TR, enable WiFi on the tablet.
  • You may end up with a separate entry for the TR-recorded data. If so, edit the ride and remove it from TSS and PRs.