What build phase before the Climbing road race specialty phase

Any tips on which build phase i should choose ? I am Doing SSB I & II mid volume . Than a build phase mid volume and after this a specialty phase climbing road race high Volume

Almost certainly General Build - but it really depends what type of event you’re preparing for

The CRR plan description states “So if your races involve selective climbs, if you have to be able to hold high percentages of your FTP after hours of already challenging ride time, and if you want road-race fitness that favors longer, sustained efforts, the Climbing Road Race blocks are ideal for you”.

Given that, I’d have thought that Sustained Power Build would be the best fit.

You’re correct that based on that description either Sustained or General makes sense - but it really depends on what event he is targeting. My understanding of climbing road race is that it is preparation for 20-40 minute climbing efforts. In my experience many people make the mistake of thinking because they are riding a lot of elevation gain they should use climbing road race when they actually won’t be doing huge sustained climbs they are doing lots of little 5-15 minute climbs (or even shorter).

Of course, your experience may vary and perhaps @Thomas_De_Kesel is going to be climbing for half an hour multiple times deep into a ride

Sustained or General.
I honestly don’t think anyone can go wrong with general build. It is a very well rounded build program

Hi There

Thank you for your quick reactions . Yes i will be doing more little 5 tot 15 minutes climbs in that ride ( so maybe i should change my specialty phase also ? )

I’d encourage you to do General Build and Rolling Road Race based on that description

great thank you

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@qtip thanks !