Preparation for climbing mountains

I’m going the climb the Alps around end of June. Do this every year so I know the drill a bit, just want to be prepared a bit better this year.

I’m currently following the Sweet Spot Base Mid Volume 2. I have done the Mid Volume 1 already. Have to say that it’s hard for me to always follow the calendar plan as life gets in the way (too busy at work). I’m completing about 90% of the trainings but probably in a larger timeframe then the 6 weeks per block. I realize this is not ideal but it’s just the reality.

I’m about to finish SSB - Mid Volume 2 and am wondering what the best way was to continue. I’m seeing following options:

  • Do Build Phase - General Build Mid Volume followed by Sustained Build Mid Volume and then Specialty Phase Climbing Road race (this is doing general build and sustained build)
  • Do Build Phase - Sustained Build Mid Volume for 8 weeks, followed by Specialty Phase Climbing Road race for 8 weeks (this is skipping General Build)

Any preference…or any other insigths?


They covered this in a recent podcast (Builds back-to-back) and from memory (as well as general training) it may not be a good idea. Build is a demanding phase and should not be repeated.

So, Option #2 above is a better option. You may also consider choosing the Century Specialty as it focuses on continuous and steady power, that may be more like your actual needs?

The CRR is about that to a degree, but also answering the power demands of attacks in a race. You may need that type of ability for racing, or the particular course demands, so keep that in mind and pick appropriately based on your expected efforts.


Thanks, makes total sense

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