What Are Your Vitals? Blood Pressure, Resting HR

I took my blood pressure while I was waiting for a prescription at the drugstore (Ipratropium, thanks for the heads up @Nate_Pearson). My blood pressure was on the low side of normal, as it usually is, and it got me thinking, what is normal for a training endurance athlete? We’re not the general population, that’s for sure, and some Doctors seem to have trouble wrapping their heads around that. I’m sure I can look up some PubMed studies, but I’m curious about other TrainerRoad users.

My data today was BP = 108/66 HR=52 BPM (I’m 39 years old with a BMI of 21.8)


I don’t know what’s normal for endurance athletes. I’m usually around 110/80, but I do go lower sometimes.

In my 20s I had really low stuff, like 90 over something, resting HR in the high 30s. Now my resting HR is in the low 50s at 37,

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I dont know for my blood pressure, but i think its pretty normal, however my HR - which I messure every night i know. Right now its around 35-38 - however, when i peaked in fitness last year, i had a resting HR as low as 29-31 beats.

I’m no Doctor Nate but I believe that 80 for the diastolic is at the maximum end of ideal.

99/60 to 120/80 is the ideal range. I’ve also been led to believe by a Doctor friend of mine that it is the diastolic number ( lower number) that’s the most important.

My BP usually sits around 100/60 with a 52 or so BPM.

This was taken a couple of hours after riding Antelope so my HR was still elevated…

I don’t know my BP at the moment but when at the docs it’s generally 120/70 IIRC.

I’m 38 and my resting HR is 51 and my max is 201.

60 yo
BP 110 to 115 over 60 to 65
RHR 30 to 35
MHR 165

Mostly plant based diet


When rested resting HR is in the 40s. But up to 70s after a really hard vo2 session.

Blood Pressure: 120 -80
Resting HR: 46

I don’t think training affects my BP much, it’s diet that does.


Spot on. It’s food and alcohol consumption.

I’m 39
Max hr 186
Ftp 323
160 lbs
6’ 1”
4.45 w/kg
But ramp test this week and I don’t think I weigh 160 anymore. Probably 165-170.

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Age: 41
Weight: 196
Height: 6’2"
Last recorded bp was 120/80 it’s been as low as 120/70, but that’s about my norm. I drink only water and electrolyte mix and eat a pretty healthy diet.
RHR: (as I wake up in the a.m.) is 39-41 bpm.
Max HR: highest I’ve ever recorded is 182

Age: 53
BP 107/67
Resting HR: 49
Max HR: 182 on bike

My resting HR is in the 40’s but I’ve had high blood pressure for over ten years and I exercise my ass off. and sit at 141lbs. So definitely not over weight. Doc says it’s genetic. I only drink water, green tea and coffee in the morning. I’ve tried eliminating anything that could cause it to be high (except my coffee) and the only thing that slightly worked was eating healthy high fats and less carbs but my cholesterol went through the roof. So I’m back to a normal healthy diet with a low dose of BP meds.

Age 39
Resting HR: 43
Max HR 192 on the Bike
63 KG
177 CM

Age 61 and resting HR this morning was 43.

Need to find BP machine since it’s been a while measuring it. Don’t expect it to be any different than usual but now I’m curious.

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Whoa! That’s crazy low. With a heart rate that low, how high does it ever get on all out efforts?

What was your training like in your 20’s? Were you mostly swimming and running then?

It seems from responses so far that blood pressure isn’t as altered by endurance training as HR is. The BPs listed here seem to run a fairly normal range, but basically everyone has a resting heart rate well below “normal” people.

Yes its prettt low! I have it from my dad whom also had a low HR in his 30s however not as low as mine. I have a max HR of 198 bpm - but I rarely get up there doing cycling - if i run full gas i usually do though.