What Are Your Vitals? Blood Pressure, Resting HR

I dont have a BP monitor at home but the last time my GP took BP there was a “wow you’re fit” comment of surprise. Not sure what to make of that but… compliments :smiley:

Thought it would be cool to see this up against the last 4 years of TSS.
You can see where I started trainer road. I thought I’d ridden more than that the past few years but I guess not. Before that I hadn’t ridden for years aside from cruising around town.

I’m 40
120/77 blood pressure I think
50-59 pulse
Max hr 186
Ftp 323
160 lbs
6’ 1”
4.45 w/kg

If you have rides without power data, it seems TR doesn’t add them to the TSS chart. Maybe that explains why you thought you’d ridden more than is indicated?

My BP has been 120/70 consistently for as long as I can remember, so much so when anyone takes my BP I tell them its 120/70, that includes super fit and, well not so fit at all.

Its quite funny when you have to tell an anesthetist that your HR is meant to be that low


I’m pretty sure it’s accurate. I went through the rides and added TSS to everything that wasn’t a commute. I wanted to get fast again and have been hittin’ it pretty steady the last 6 months.

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