What am I doing wrong?

I’ve been doing structured training since about 2013 and with power since 2017. 2018 was my strongest year on the bike so far (with a PM). I used a video based program by Graeme Street called Cyclocore from 2013-2018. I decided to try TR starting winter 2018, hoping to take my fitness to the next level. But, instead I haven’t been able to reach the FTP numbers I hit on my old program. My weight’s the same, 165lbs, but my FTP hit 249w in 2018. With TR it has briefly hit 246w. My old program had off the bike work built in. I’m not doing that with TR, I find it more difficult to fit in. I started general build low volume 8 weeks ago at 228w and both the mid and end ramp test have me at 228w. Just trying to figure out how to right the ship. Even without strength training shouldn’t I see gains? I hear so many success stories with TR and I enjoy using it more than my old program.

I think it’s hard to know without more details. What is your volume? What was your old plan like?

The big gains people get are usually in their first year of structured training. You’ve been doing it since 2013…

thx for the reply. I’ve been doing low volume TR plans. Old plan mixed off the bike core work with body weight or dumbells 2-3 times per weed in base and 1/wk during the build/specialty phase. The workouts were 30 min HIIT workouts during base sometimes strung together so you’d have two back to back. build/specialty was mostly outdoor work with 1 indoor HIIT per week.

3-4 hours a weeks will only get you so far. Once you’re pretty fit I can’t imagine that is enough to continue to improve. I’m a fan of the LV plans, but would try to add some low intensity rides on other says to boost volume. If even just one longer outdoor ride can be a big change


What’s your weekly volume? It sounds like you’re maxed out gains you can achieve on a low volume hiit plan.

The fastest people I know are putting in 10-12-15+ hours. Our sport is aerobic. This is no replacement for the week in, week out consistent lower intensity aerobic work.

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Was typing what the last two people said. Years of low volume, you’ve probably reached your limit and will need more stimulus.


I’ve tried that before and got fatigued. But, I think I was over ambitious. Maybe I’ll add those in slowly this time. Good advice!

Slowly add volume. You can’t just start doing that. A few years ago, i felt tired on 10hr weeks. I regularly avg ~18 and never feel that trashed. base fitness is underrated, and too often ignored.

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I agree, base is important. I’ve done base Training every year since 2013. But I could add z2 rides as time permits