New POC Road Helmet - Cytal Carbon (€400)

Just spotted on the POC website, albeit it’s only on the German one. Cannot find it anywhere else… not even on Google.

Someone must’ve accidentally posted the product page before its release :slight_smile:

€400 - no comments, its a joke of a price. Considering I just ordered a S-Works Evade 3 for under €200…

Anyways, good looking helmet for the warm days :slight_smile:


I thought I saw a very similar helmet while watching the Woman’s UAE tour. Had that type of back with all those cutouts on the top.

Could it have been this one that you saw?

Also unreleased!

Never ceases to amaze how POC always manages to make the ugliest lids ever…and they somehow always up their game!


*The one exception to this is the Cerebel, which is an awesome looking TT lid.


No it had more vents on top and that bigger flat part in the back. I just thought it didn’t look right at the time.

Doesnt look anything like that to me.

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Looks great, I love my Octal and Tectal. But 400 € places it out of reach.

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I want an Octal X for gravel and XC but also want a white Evade, where can Evades be had for <200?

Seems like I bought the last in M, which was 192 euros.

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I bought them off of Wiggle when they were on sale. Unfortunately for me, I really love both helmets, they are both the best fitting and most comfortable helmets I have ever owned.

Thats a good deal!

Had responded to the Silca instagram post about wind tunnel testing and asking them to do some aero road helmet comparisons, I know Dylan has the Evade 3 and Kask Utopia Y.

Doesn’t POC stand for piece of cheese?