Jumbo Visma's new TT helmet. What are your thoughts

Thoughts? I would say not all marginal gains should be chased, always keep your dignity…

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I can imagine a conversation where someone said “Aero has jumped the shark…” and either a mishearing or poor translation came out to “Aero should hump the shark…” and now we have this helmet :wink:


I’d rather quit the sport than wear that.


It looks like something out of a sci-fi parody movie :rofl:


Oh sweet baby Jesus…a buddy sent that to me and I thought it was photoshopped.

You mean to tell me that is REAL?!?!?!


I honestly had the check it wasnt the first of April.

I know people say that as a joke but it actually made me worry I didn’t know what month it was.


I don’t get why TT helmets are allowed, but “aero fairings” on the rest of the clothing is not.

At least this one seems to offer a big visor, so the riders can actually see something.

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Strongest argument yet for Merckx TTs.


Already brought up in the Pro Cycling Thread


That is a thing of Beauty!!! :kissing_heart:

I knew I’ve seen that guy before:


Diesel Dan Sues Giro for Helmet Patent Infringement


A helmet that long in front of the head gives more leverage in a crash. I’d put a lot of money on it. I suppose if your head doesn’t twist at all though, it might be a bigger crumple zone. Guess we’ll just need to make sure all of our crashes are perpendicular to a flat immovable object.

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In all seriousness, I could never wear that helmet, regardless of looks. I would not be able to get my head low enough. As it is, my Aerohead bounces off my hands occasionally.

Long time triathlete here who has owned multiple aero helmets. My initial reaction was this is just to far (and not talking about how far it sticks out in front of the head). It kind of makes me want the UCI to get rid of all aero helmets and only allow helmets under the ‘road helmet’ rules.

That said, I am curious what the gaines are vs the Giro Aerohead and it would be interesting to try one out so see how it felt weight wise and what the field of vision is like

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Lets all spare a thought for the poor UCI official measuring the bikes so that they conform to all the stupid rules while simultaneously having to ignore the rider with that on their head!

Roglic left the team just in time.


It ain’t looking any better from the front…

That said, based on the profile JV had, I bet it tests pretty damn fast. But I’ll gladly sacrifice a few watts for my dignity.


I wanna see someone photoshop it on to Roglic with it sitting too high, crooked and seemingly too small like in his infamous 2020 TDF time trial

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Does the neck buff increase or decrease drag though?

I heard on the Nero show that some guy recently won a UCI road race while wearing a neck buff. Is that the latest aero hack? Can we get Dylan Johnson and GCN on this?

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