Weird sensation watching POV cycling videos while stationary on the trainer

I recently upgraded my pain cave, and now have a TV in front of my bike. Like many I’d bet, I watch cycling videos during my workouts.

I’ve noticed a weird sensation while watching POV videos with movement while pedaling a stationary bike. Eg the TR or NorCal crit videos - especially when the rider is turning. My brain is tricked into thinking I’m leaning the bike when I’m obviously not. It’s nothing too bad where it makes me dizzy or nauseous, just an interesting sensation.

Then I watched this MTB video. Wow! My stomach was doing somersaults on the jumps and drops!

Try it and see. Is this just me, or do others experience a similar sensation?


I experience the same thing. I tried watching one of the TR MTB videos while riding and it was just way too much movement. I expect that is partially dependent on the size of screen, how far away it is and how much movement there is. It is not so bad for me with road race / crit videos, but I probably won’t do another MTB video on the trainer. I didn’t see any jumps or drops, that would probably be way too much for me. Lol

I’ve have also had it happen in certain situations with Zwift. I have a big TV and it is close and fills my field of vision, which makes things nice and immersive, except for when it is too immersive. :slight_smile:

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I noticed that too when I first started watching videos.

It takes about a week or so for you to adjust. You’ll get used to it.

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Yep. I find myself leaning a bit. Also, when the person on the screen surges, I find myself surging too, which drives my Erg mode crazy.

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Same here. Try riding rollers while riding in Zwift, or watching stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:

I had to look down sometimes when cornering took place on screen, so I wouldn’t ride to the edges of my rollers :smiley:


Just for fun - try a few mins of the video I linked to. You might need a bucket close by :face_vomiting:

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As the MTB video above progressed, I did find the effect diminishing. But for the first 5-10mins it was crazy!

I can totally see that could be a problem :rofl:

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Do any of you get dizzy/nauseous relatively easily, i.e. spinning around a few times will do it for me. I get the same sensation on the trainer and noticed I get dizzy very easily as well.

Don’t have that problem on a stationary trainer, but on rollers, oh boy…!

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