Weird Personal TR “Easter Egg”

Just realized that I can spell out my full (real) name using TR workouts — 1 Endurance + 2 Threshold. Maybe it’s a sign… :neutral_face:

What else do you expect me to do when I’m sidelined?! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Idle legs are the Devil’s work!! :tired_face:

p.s. — no, my first name is not ‘Mary’.

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There is a workout named Donut???

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Nice to meet you, Cardinal Bald Knob Jobs.


That’s just flat out wrong in so many ways.

Should probably just delete this thread before the wheels really come off. :confused:

Or perhaps run a contest: first one to come up with the combo wins something cycley/doughnuty related. :+1:


This is fun to look up. I wonder how many users can do this? Or how well trained could you be if only doing workouts you shared names with? I have two middle names, one anaerobic and one endurance (with variations), so I wouldn’t be the worst training plan…

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