Longest TR workout 2:15

Definitely a different kind of hurt!


I’ll be honest. My wife almost has to force me onto the trainer for aerobic rides/recovery week rides. I can hardly stand it. Good on ya for getting through that one! Mental toughness!


I’ve always said I’d never ever do more than 90 min inside, but by coincidence with your big day I managed 2:30 today, forever for me. Helped by two things: 1) doing it as an experiment with the MAF idea – keeping my HR as close to 101 as possible (180-my 79 years), so it wasn’t ever a hard effort; and 2) letting TR in ERG control the trainer (with tweaks to % if HR wandered, but climbing Alpe du Zwift w Zwift able to see power meter. The fake scenery is pretty spectacular and the hairpins are all labeled, and each segment shows avg HR and avg watts, so you at least have something to look at. (A movie would work too, but this was something new for me.)

It’s slow as molasses of course, but you’re guaranteed to get there if you can manage the “a totally different kind of hurt.” After the first hour I had to stand and grind a lower cadence every 5 min or so just to ease that. But it helped the time go by because that would affect the steady HR I was trying for and give me a new challenge – trying to make the slight adjustments to keep the average constant for each interval. Distracted a bit from the butt.

Be aware that some folks here are real masochists compared to us. A fair number did a workout together called Disaster, which runs for 4 hrs or so if I recall, and unlike our spinning today some of it is really hard. Look it up. I’ll take their word for how it feels. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Just looked it up. Crazy!

I can just about do 2 hours SS in winter - any longer and it has to be outside!