Anyone else have issues tonight with TR?!

So annoying…can’t tell if it’s my device or not. But it shut down on me 3 times. I restarted the device and searched for updates, but there weren’t any.

Went hulk mode and now I need a new mic stand cause I threw it.

So… I hopped on the treadmill I just got fixed Monday and midrun it banged loudly and I find out the tech guy didn’t put the braces back on properly under the deck (sole f80). Not a great evening for me.

Just needed to vent.



LOL. Thanks

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Hey there – sorry to hear about the trouble you ran into. If it continues to happen, please reach out to so we can help get it fixed!

:crossed_fingers: Fingers crossed it was just a one-off thing and you can get back to normal training as soon as possible. :slight_smile:

Thanks. It worked this weekend, so guess I am good. You can delete my outburst if you would like.

I had the same types of problems a while back. Turns out it was me. My logs were big or something like that. Running out space. Got rid of a bunch of old junk apps and pics. Solid again.

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