Did my first TR workout :) First impressions

Did Baxter last night. I haven’t officially started my SSB program. I was gonna do a ramp test early this week buy my legs were trashed from 3 straight days of mountain biking in Bentonville, AR. I just set up my Kickr this week and started a ramp test Tuesday but quickly realized my legs were too tired to do a proper ramp test so I quit a bit early. It set my ftp at 180(I’m guessing my realy ftp will be around 220 but I’ll find out soon) Anyway I decided to try out a random endurance workout last night since it was cold and 25mph winds. I settled on Baxter. After 20 minutes I bumped the level up to 120% because it seemed way to easy.

All I can say is wow. I am loving the Kickr and love the TR app and interface. That was the first time ever that I did a 90 minute trainer and I didn’t hate it! Trainer was so much better than my old cyclops fluid.

I can’t wait to start SSB and see what this old body has left in the tank!


Welcome to the club/asylum!

Please update your first impressions when you do your first Mary Austin workout.

p.s. – very surprised your handle was available! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Baxter should be easy - i’d say most treat it as an easy, and often filler, workout. Second vote for see do you need to bump intensity for something like Mary Austin - so hard they had to put the -1 in the plans due to too many incomplete/ reduced intensity workouts :grinning:

lol. I looked it up. Looks challenging. I definitely need to do a proper ramp test. Planning on doing it Monday. I will take it easy on my rides this weekend so my legs are fresh for the test.

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Locked and loaded, its time to rock and roll :metal: :biking_man: :+1:

+1 for Mary Austin, that lovable lass :joy:

Mary Austin and +1 should never appear in the same sentence…:nauseated_face::face_vomiting:


i feel bad for mary, being such a ball buster. it must’ve been something in her childhood.



I did my first Kickr Core with TR ride last week also I use Beech to check out my setup for bike and iPhone, got to have tunes. Two days later I rode Reinstein and it did some damage. I was pretty flat the next day, guess I’ve got some work to do.

I’m really diggin’ the smart trainer and not having to watch my power so closely. Might even try watching a movie, Gladiator always makes me feel like kicking some butt.

“Are you not entertained?!” after VO2 interval? :wink:


I ended up doing Carson -1 last night. good stuff. I really need to get my ftp set though so I can judge how hard these workouts should really be. Ramp test coming up soon.

I had Sports Center on in the background but found myself really paying attention to the onscreen dialogue in TR.

I know I’m gonna suffer at times but I’m really looking forward to seeing the results of my hard work.

If you suspect your FTP to be something closer to 220 you might want to bump it up before your test. If your ftp is too low it will take forever to get to your failure point which ends up slightly skewing your result. It’s only the first one where this is the case because after that you’ll be much closer to ballpark of your actual FTP. Maybe set it 10 or so watts lower than your estimated FTP.


Make sure you warm up you KICKR for 10 minutes then calibrate it the day before your ramp test for good accuracy.

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@Juarez @mcneese.chad I calibrated my trainer last thursday after a good warmup. I totally forgot to re-calibrate before my ramp test today because I was too excited. should my calibration from last week be good? And if the calibration was slightly off should I leave it as is until the next ramp test since where the trainer is now calibrated is what my upcoming workouts are based on?

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Seems to me that the Kickr is pretty reliable on calibrations. Unless something really big changed in your setup, you are probably good to trust that older calibration.

You can always make a manual adjustment to your FTP if you think the value isn’t getting you into the appropriate efforts and zones during your workouts.