Hardest TR Workouts - A Challenge

Anyone ever think about doing something crazy like taking the hardest TR workouts and doing them back to back. Lets say 3-6 of them. Kind of like another company does?

Worldwide Disaster fits this bill and seems plenty tough. Check out the thread and come join us!

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Yes already signed up for the 1/2. Looking forward to it. If I had more tome I would do the full.

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Great! Welcome!

To your point, I don’t do the hardest workouts strung together, but some weekends I’ll do double days - usually a 90 minute over-under workout with maybe 45-60 minutes of endurance. They discuss this briefly in the latest podcast.

What are you imagining by stringing 3-4 hard workouts together? I see a post-Disaster challenge coming up…:joy::joy::joy:

TR has done the 8 Day Challenge in the past. You can search the Workouts for ‘8DC’ and look at each year they did it.

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Maybe @chad or @Nate_Pearson will post up the “Man Plan”! I remember them mentioning it in the past…