Weird issues with progression levels

I’m having two rather weird issues with progression levels: First, in the (Windows) app, the progression level overview on the Career page very seldomly works. Just doing the loading spinner forever.

Second, I just changed my FTP a few percent (226->233, less than 3.1%), and that made most levels reset to 1 from around 2. Now, I know that wasn’t exactly big numbers, but if tiny FTP adjustment makes changes like that, something seem off. Did I completely misunderstand PLs, or should I just assume PL is broken and focus my training on something else?

The first item (PL in Win app) sounds like a bug or some other app related issue. Best to email TR support directly for those types of problems.

The second item sounds appropriate to me. PL’s generally get reduced at FTP increases. The amount of drop seems to have shifted over time, and is less now than what it seemed in the original days. 3% increase may not seem like much, but I can understand the drop you described. If you have more questions, emailing is probably the best choice here too.


Hey @LosD!

Is this only an issue on the Windows app? Does it work well in the mobile app?

Here’s what I’d like you to do to tackle this:

Try fully restarting the computer if we haven’t restarted for a while - If we usually keep the computer on “Sleep” mode, let’s have you try fully shutting down and restarting the computer. This way, we’re making sure that no errors are happening due to the device being on for a long time.

Uninstall and Reinstall the app - Let’s have you try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. After uninstalling, you can grab a fresh version of our app from our website here [click].

The issue could be caused by some corrupt data stored within your device. This may be causing your device to not save or sync correctly. Let’s have you clear your app data to get things up and running as intended:

  1. Open your TrainerRoad app.
  2. From the left-hand side menu, scroll to the bottom and select “Support”.
  3. Then go ahead and select “Clear App Data”.
    Your device will then run through the process of backing up your data and restarting the TrainerRoad app.

Let me know how things are after these steps. I think that should do the trick :+1: .

For numero 2), I agree with @mcneese.chad. This change is appropriate and will ensure to keep your training aligned with your fitness. Although, on paper it may not look like a significant increase in FTP, this will be noticeable during harder Workouts. The change in Progression Levels ensures that your training doesn’t suddenly increase in difficulty and instead gradually progresses in difficulty.

Let me know if you have questions about any of this!

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Hi @SarahLaverty,

Thanks for the suggestions! :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s only an issue in Windows, on my Android phone it works perfectly fine. Neither a Windows restart or a TR reinstalled changed anything. I’m trying to do the Clear App Data, but it has been doing “Creating data backup” for 20-30 minutes now. Is there any way to manually purge the app data instead, like nuking "%systemdrive%%homepath%\AppData\Local\TrainerRoadData" or something?

Probably doesn’t matter if the reset completes and fixes it, so just FYI in case you want more details for development: It seems like the Windows app does know the actual numbers, at least the suggested rides are of the correct progression levels, it’s just the overview that never loads.

Regarding the FTP change recalibration, I’ll have to agree after doing a sweet spot workout yesterday. That was definitely not too easy! :face_exhaling: :sweat_smile:


Hi again @SarahLaverty,

I got tired of waiting for the Clear App Data dialog, stopped TrainerRoad, then tried to do my “nuke the AppData/Local/TrainerRoadData” (okay, okay, the careful version where I just renamed it), and while it wasn’t enough to log me out (I guess the login data is somewhere else), it WAS enough to get the Progression level overview working again. :smiley:

Thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

Yaaaaay! Great news!
Nice job on the nifty Workaround :wink: .

For the future, you can manually Clear the App data by completing the following steps:
(This differs slightly depending on the device you are using, and is much easier doign this from the app, as I described above.)


Here are the steps for how we can clear TrainerRoad’s app data:

  1. Open Windows Explorer :file_folder:, and insert %localappdata% into its address bar, and press [Enter].
  2. Scroll down until you find a folder named TrainerRoadData
  3. Right click that folder and click “Delete

From there, there’s one more folder we should delete.

  1. Now insert %appdata% into the address bar, and press [Enter] once more.
  2. Right click TrainerRoad and click “Delete.”


Here’s how to delete your TrainerRoad background data on Mac.

  1. Enter the spotlight search (or magnifying glass in the top-right corner), type ~/library and press [Enter].
  2. Open up the “Application Support” folder.
  3. Inside Application Support, you’ll find a folder marked “TrainerRoad.” Delete this folder.

From there, there’s one more folder we should delete.

  1. Navigate back to ~/library
  2. Open the folder called “Saved Application State”.
  3. Delete the folder named com.TrainerRoad.Mac.savedState
  4. Empty the Trash bin


  1. Open Settings
  2. Open “Apps”
  3. Scroll down and tap “TrainerRoad”
  4. Tap the Storage menu.
  5. Tap “Clear Cache” and “Clear Data.”