Progression levels

For some reason all my progression levels have gone down to 1.0 today from all being quite high. This is definitely a bug amd now as a result adaptive wants to alter all my workouts :rage:Has anyone else experienced this?

It’s best to email directly for questions like this.


TR Support is very fast and helpful. It’s not your normal customer support experience.


Did you take a ramp test yesterday and increase your FTP? That’s the only real reason I know of - other than a bug.

Yeah, I know significant ftp changes can cause them to drop, and on occasion they can suddenly drop from a small ftp update, or just a bug.

Emailing support has usually been able to quickly restore the old progression levels.

Short term, knowing what your progression levels are by looking at just your most recent workouts you can just select an appropriate alternative if support hasn’t fixed it yet.