Really, A Freakin' Game Changer

I know this doesn’t actually warrant its own thread… but maybe more folks will see it. Yesterday I took delivery of this:

I thought my old box fans were adequate – heck, Id been using them for several years, and everything seemed tolerable. WTF WAS I THINKING?!?

This fan is a literal game changer. Let me repeat… This fan is a literal game changer.

On the lowest setting, directed ‘head on’, I was basically blown off the bike with very little noise.

So THANK YOU to the folks who recommended it! i wonder how many under-performances I’ve done on the trainer simply because I didn’t have sufficient cooling. No more. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Great tool to have. Only problem I have is trying to find a way to stop my contacts from drying out while on the trainer.


So annoyed that we can’t get these in the UK!


Ahhh wish could get in UK!


One more complaint about not being available in the UK. So frustrating! :angry:

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Looks good, but in the fan category, the real “game changer” (gawd I hate that term) is a powerful with a wireless remote.


Wireless remote? That’s easy for any fan! I picked this simple one up a long time ago from a TR podcast mention, but there are oodles of them available in various shapes and sizes:


I could have used other stupid biz-school-wannabe phrases

  • paradigm shift
  • thinking outside the box
  • guru
  • or ‘lets whiteboard this’

of those are more to your liking? :slight_smile:


Does anyone know/recommend a similar fan available in Australia. 2wks of over 40C really shows how inadequate my current one is for training

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No thanks, wouldn’t want a fan to go from OFF to HIGH, some control of the speed is more beneficial. Not knocking the option, just saying fan control is nice, rather than just full on or off.

All good, “game changer” is perfect for clickbait titles. :slight_smile:

I hear you. FWIW, I find that I start my cold, early morning workouts with my fan set to high but off, wearing a jacket. Sometime during later stages of warmup I usually turn on the fan but still have the jacket on. Then, usually in the last minute before the real intervals begin, I take off the jacket and it’s all good.

I’ll also sometimes have the fan on a lower setting in the first place, for say a recovery ride.

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Aim it slightly lower or wear clear glasses, could even pick up a cheap pair for the trainer. I wear contacts as well, but I aim it at my chest.


Go to any big box hardware store and look for a carpet drying fan. You can’t get the lasko ones in Canada either but a carpet drying fan is equivalent in terms of air movement and focus.


If you’ve got the dosh then the Kickr Headwind also puts out a lot of wind plus you can control it a number of ways. I got one for Christmas here in New Zealand and it’s made a big difference to training inside especially on summer’s days like today where I’ve just done a tough interval workout.

Is this equivalent for europeans?

At the moment I’m using 3 Honeywell HT-900. Not sure if a Lasko carpet dryer or similar is an upgrade or not. The benefit of having 3 fans is that only 1 is active during warm-up and then all 3 when the work begins - remote controlled.


I like that it has outlet plugs on it too, I can plug my KICKR and the power brick for my Phone into it and run them all off one extension cord.

I like it and for the record, I also have a Headwind.

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How about some enduro bro goggles? The newest trainer fashion accessory.


That looks like it would be similar.

You gotta wear goggles on the trainer! And a hydration pack! And a helmet! :wink: