Weight Training Log (Strength)

I found this great resource to log your weight training activities for those who like to cross train: https://strengthlevel.com/

You can compare your strength with others that have registered and check out the standards based on weight and age.


Quite interesting. That would be the sort of targets I could go for. I am not exactly an easy gainer in real life.

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This looks like a great resource for tracking weight training! Thanks for sharing.

P.S. I don’t want to look at the standards based on weight and age because I’m sure I’m wayyyy too weak. :sweat_smile:

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some people prefer carrying a notebook in the gym, my preference is a phone/watch app like Strong

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I went w a notebook due to the simplicity. If I get time I will look at these options

Might sound weird at first, but I went with a phone app for simplicity.

Phone is always with me, even when traveling like when we went to Cabo for Spring Break this year. And depending on equipment / availability, within seconds I can easily make substitutions including setting proper weight. In our gym its barbells, dumbbells, and cable machine, but when traveling its usually machines that I haven’t used in a long time.