Strength App, including Progressions?

Hey All!
Until TR offers a cycling specific strength training app, I’ve been going to the gym twice a week, and yoga once.

I’m trying to figure out an app that does the following:

  • Includes sets, reps and weight suggestions

  • Can focus on developing explosive power (I’m trying to be competitive at CX and sprinting)

  • Doesn’t make things about weight loss, or you can opt out

  • Isn’t totally geared towards those trying to be weightlifters

  • Can set up a goals around accomplishing a benchmark, i.e complete 2 pull ups

  • Shows history of exercises

Right now I’m using FitBod, and it’s got some of these features but it tends to suggest a sort of smattering of exercises that then don’t seem to progress consistently.
I know the actual solution is to hire a coach, but until April or May it’s just not possible financially.



Im using thr kneesover toes guy app atg group and love it. Knee and hamstring pain complgone after 2 monthes. And buding muscle groups thatbwerr nagging behind


Simple, clean no bs app. Highly recommended. I use the unpaid version and it more than does the job.


+1 for Strong.

Some prefer Hevy, and admittedly it’s under much more active development than Strong, but there are some annoying interface quirks with Hevy that you won’t fully appreciate until you’re using it in a workout. Also Hevy leans into the social integration end of things which I find not only not useful, but actually negatively impacts the usability and purposefulness of the app. Some people are really into that though, and it helps with motivation etc., so it’s a personal choice.

Check out Volt Athletics. Has everything you mentioned, however the most specific it gets is for a cycling-specific strength plan. It doesn’t specify by discipline. I like the plans a lot, it prescribes 3 days a week of strength during off-season/base and 2x/week during race/competitive season, which you can set the dates for yourself.

There’s a product for coaches which you’ll want to ignore and then an subscription, app-based product for individuals which is what I use.

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I’ve used Volt and Fitbod. Both are good, and for strength training for cyclists I think I prefer Volt. However, I have been with Dialed Health for the past season, it has become my “go to” strength training program. The workouts a so specific and effective. Seeing great results on and off the bike