Weight training and FTP ramp tests

Weight training, FTP and setting in trainer rd.

In my off season right now. (Snow) if I do an ramp test fresh I’m about 25 watts higher than when I have weight training the day before. Most of my trainer rd workouts are either that day after weights of will be followed by weights.

Which FTP should I be using for the base on my workouts?

Not a road racer, enduro racing with some xc and gravel rides thrown in for fun.

Use the ramp test for all FTP tests. Ideally you’d perform TR workouts before any weight training. Weight training would be the same day as your TR workouts (for instance AM and PM), keeping your rest days to recover. If you’re doing any lower body heavy weight training before your interval TR workouts, it will undoubtedly affect you on the bike. I learned this the hard way in the beginning of 2018.

Do the Ramp Test when fresh to provide a proper baseline of fitness when fresh. You can always scale back a trainer session if the legs need you to back off. I introduce weights as early as October with the focus of heavy strength building to year end. Medium/heavy weight sessions continue through mid-March though the intensity decreases to interfere less with cycling. I’ve had success with 1-2 days of easier days (Taku, Baxter, Beech, Dans, etc) to follow weight sessions, depending on the intensity of the DOMS, before resuming normal training sessions. I’ll continue a once a week weight session throughout the summer cycling season but with reduced weight loads. I’ll qualify this in that I no longer race and have no specific target events.