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I am now back with structured training since November, completed SSB with roughly around 350 to 450tss per week. Before that I did almost exclusively Zone2 training at lower level for almost the whole year 2020 due to health reasons, so mostly burnt fat.
I am on a low carb diet, eat preferably complex carbs in dark bread, nuts, almost no rice, seldomly pasta or potatoes… I dont drink any softdrinks or alcohol, dont eat much sweets, but rather vegetables and fruits, joghurts etc.

Weirdly enough despite the fact that I burnt almost 2500-3500kcal extra per week I am still not getting below 90kg at 188cm height.
This is a reasonable weight and I guess nobody would see any problem with my weight, but I am just wondering: burning so much energy, having not a lot of intake for my stature and age (sometimes I eat less than my daughters), and still no reduction of the absolute number.


  1. i reduced fat and built up muscles, which are heavier
  2. listening to Podcast during all these hours made my brain grow, so also heavier :wink:
  3. …?

From today onwards I will do Traditional Base with about 10h weekly at Endurance/Zone2 for 4 weeks. Maybe this will bring a change.

Any guesses?

I always have the same question when people tell me they aren’t losing weight. Are you tracking all of your calories daily by weighing/measuring foods, ingredients, etc. with a scale and then also using an app like My Fitness Pal?

Because, if you aren’t well then chances are, regardless of how many calories you are burning in exercise, you are eating just as many calories back as you burn, so you aren’t losing weight.

Now, if you are tracking your exact calories and you are running a deficit, how large is it? A common recommendation is 300-500 calories daily. As it takes a deficit of about 3500 calories a week to lose a pound (0.45kg).

Losing weight has very little to do with what happens on the bike, regardless of whether you are burning calories doing Z2 or HIIT workout. It does however have a lot to do what happens in the kitchen and controlling your caloric intake.


Thanks, yes, I am a Type1 diabetic, have to measure my foods quite exactly to be able to inject the exact amount of insulin and usually know it right away when I eat too many carbs.

I can also track my food by looking at how much insulin I have to inject per day. The more I have to inject, the more I ate. So looking at my last months of intake I have eaten way less and way less carbs than before.

btw: I have definately lost “Unhealthy” weight, barely any fat left on the belly. But in absolute numbers the weight did not go down, so I guess it is rather newly built up muscles … or brain :wink:

Actually I think there is some connection to what happens on the bike:

  • doing a high effort session I have to fuel up before, have sometimes to eat during ride and usually end up hungry and eating afterwards.
  • doing a 2h Zone2 ride I dont fuel up, I dont eat during ride, and do not feel overly hungry afterwards.

I almost initially added in to my reply above, if you are doing all of that and not losing weight it could be a medical issue. I’d talk to a doctor about the fact you are restricting your calories but still not losing weight. Perhaps it is a side effect of the insulin?

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[quote=“rentagreement, post:900, topic:36714”]

so I guess it is rather newly built up muscles … or brain :wink:[/quote]

You could try getting a DEXA body fat scan. Nate, Chad, and Jonathon got several of them and talked about them several times on the TR podcast.

They cost money but if you got one today and then again in three months you can tell if you are gaining muscles, losing fat, etc.

Actually I think there is some connection to what happens on the bike:

  • doing a high effort session I have to fuel up before, have sometimes to eat during ride and usually end up hungry and eating afterwards.
  • doing a 2h Zone2 ride I dont fuel up, I dont eat during ride, and do not feel overly hungry afterwards.

Yes, you are correct. based on what I’ve read and heard. The calories don’t change, but people when they are doing high intense intervals seem to develop more of hunger versus when they are doing Z2 work. That hunger of course can lead to eating more, etc.

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Down 0.2 kg. Better than nothing was hoping for a bit better though.

Hi, is that even measurable? I have a fluctuation of 1-1.5 kg between some days depending on food, sleep, digestion etc. 0.2kg is a glass of water so maybe not something I would regard as real loss of weight. Not to demotivate you :slight_smile:

How do you measure that?

Yes goes up and down daily but to account for that just use a 7 day rolling average. I’m looking at the trend.


Couple weeks in, stalling, still have a sweet tooth left over from X-mas festivities. Gave up drinking for Jan/Feb. Gotta get back to tracking intake with My Fitness Pal. Have a good week everyone.

Dayum. +0.9 kg on my average last week.
Back down already, but fluctuations are nuts right now :expressionless:
Dunno if it’s the increase in volume, leading to more carbs loading/depleting cycles.
But it feels weird to be oscillating +/- 2kg on the same week, never had that before.


Unfortunately, weight is creeping back up, together with some really bad habits. A period of stress and moving from the UK back to Italy (together with temporarily staying at my parents’) is not helping, but I’m really demotivated by all this. I thought I had built some solid habits that would sustain, and that would help me in staving off the need to control intake in such a strict manner as when I was counting calories and everything. However, I’ve now had a solid week of overeating, with a couple of binge eating episodes, and it’s really disheartening… Not sure how to move forward with this, I may need to investigate if there are deeper causes to this.

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My weight is also creeping up. Like others, I’ve seen wild weight fluctuations and I definitely formed bad habits over the holiday period. Nothing crazy but as we all know - those little extras (cheese, choc) soon add up.

My bad habits now take the shape of picking after dinner. I set the intention to NOT do this almost daily (lol) but once I’m tired at the end of the day, my resolve dies. Does anyone do this or maybe used to do this? Any top tips to kick the habit?

On the up side - I’ve never been so consistent with my TR programme since most of my riding is indoors right now (been sub-zero in Scotland for over a month).

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I have had the same thing, but what was a lesson for me was understanding what is actually healthy and what do we believe is healthy… an omelette goes from lean food to calorie bomb VERY fast with a little cream and butter in it…

I have lost 3kg (6,6 lbs) in about a month now and this is only from two things… To actually see what I was eating and to control how much I eat. And honestly the last one has been a game changer.

I weigh everything now, and what I am realising is that I have eaten pretty much double the amount of food that I actually have to. So now when I cook, I keep super good track of all that’s in the meal, so I can get macros for each meal, as well as focus on lots of veggies etc.

You get used to smaller portions, and one thing you notice when you actually start to eat proper healthy (like lots of veggies) is that you are just as full as you are when you eat, lets say lasagna, just that you ate 1/2 the calories…

And to make things work for training, I pretty much eat all my calories as carbs, and keep fat on the down low…

I think a lot of people forget how extremely calorie dense fat is… Just doing a scramble eggs with a little cream and a small piece of butter drives the calories through the roof compared to regular boiled eggs…

So what has worked for me is:

  • Get a good scale, weigh your food and know what you’re putting in your mouth
  • Load up on veggies
  • Keep fat low and high carb so you can train hard
  • Find food that works, and stick to it. I have the same breakfast everyday and I love it. 200g Kefir, 30g full grain cereal, and 30g of low sugar strawberry jam + 200ml skimmed milk + double espresso . Its about 250 calories and keeps me plenty full until lunch, even with a workout in-between!
  • Finding a good snack. My go-to is 1/2 honey crunch apple, sliced, with cinnamon on top. I also do banana pancakes quite often, and they are about 100 cals each, which is fine :slight_smile:

Constantly full, no crashes during the afternoon, sleep well, training hard!


I can only speak form experience and from what my coaches say, and while low carb and high fat does work for some, unless you are very aware of your calorie intake, your high fat diet is probably on the high side… I mean, 15ml olive oil is 120 calories…

Since you are training a lot, I would try to eat more of your calories in carbs, rather than fat… totally aware though that you wouldn’t want to turn your diet around, but fat is so crazy calorie dense that its super easy to just eat too much, even if you’re getting on the bike…

If I were you I would first try 1-2 weeks of actually seeing how much you take in. This means weighing everything when cooking, portions etc etc. You’ll quickly see a trend. Its a pain but its worth it just for the knowledge.

And then once you done that, if you feel that its not enough food with the high fat plan, try high carb and low fat. I do a high carb and low fat diet, but I eat pasta and ride probably 1-2 times a week, the rest is from beans, lentils, veggies etc.


High carb means loads of insulin shots per day for me, which is per se rather horrible, which is also making workout more dangerous due to risk of hypoglycemia, and moreover is blocking some of the fat-to-energy-conversion processes in the body.
So therefore I keep carbs and intensity of workouts low and go more for fat.

But true, I will check the amount of fat more in detail! Thank you


Ah alright, got it! Yeah that makes sense if you have some special needs when it comes to diet!

Then definitely just start measuring the amount of fat and oil that you consume… While avocados and olive oil etc is healthy oils, since most of them are monounsaturated, they are still crazy calorie dense.


I am just not sure what to live off then? No carbs, avoid fat… so even my Joghurt with nuts and bit of raisins too much cal? It is really difficult to watch these things.
Getting frustrated: no pizza, no alcohol, very small amount of bread, no white bread, almost no pasta nor potatoes, no rice… barely any sweets… 5x/week 2:30h Z2 rides for 1300kcal each, no extra fueling before or after, still no change in weight

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You have plenty of stuff, you just have to watch the intake of calories, since its the only thing that matters for weight loss, calories in vs calories out!

For example, try fat free greek yogurt instead of regular yogurt!

  • Pizza is crap for all the reasons haha, saturated fats, lots of cheese, high GI bread etc.
  • I don’t drink so can’t comment on that
  • Bread, look at fibre and get some whole wheat ones, much much better than regular white
  • Potatoes, try some sweet potatoes? Regular potatoes are a great carb food! Much better than white rice!
  • Rice, same here as bread, brown rice instead of white rice!
  • Sweets, you might have to “re think” what sweets are… during the week days a nice sweet thing to have in front of the TV at night is halv an apple with cinnamon, a little peanut butter (15-20 grams), and banana pancakes!

Honestly, its more about widening the palette than anything else…

All the stuff you mentioned above isn’t good for anything, regardless of diet. Its unhealthy foods in general…

One recipe that is like 300 kcal for a 330g portion (makes you full), that you can have with some greek yoghurt (good protein) is this one: https://www.thespruceeats.com/spicy-lentil-dahl-recipe-1001539

I make it like 2-3 times a week, staple lunch food at home here (both me and my girlfriend rides a lot!)

330g of that (one portion) with 100g of greek yoghurt is 310 calories, and plenty of food!


On the top of my head here are some recipes you could try :slight_smile:

And since you are sensitive with the carbs, try to load up a little bit more on protein and fat, but keep track! :slight_smile:

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Thanks, great points. I will look into all of it. Much appreciated!

Maybe I did not write it clearly, i actually dont eat any of the above: no pizza, no pasta, no rice, no potatoes, no sweets (and yes, I know about the hidden sweets), no soft drinks, no alcohol… i only eat dark bread, not much, but when I do it is always whole wheat dark… living in the heart of Europe I actually dont know any other kind of bread.
Since any carbs, sweets or similar would have my blood sugar spike immediately and my sensor would call alarm, I quite well know what hidden sweets or simple carbs are.

But again: I leave out on all the things above, sometimes I wonder what I eat at all.

And still I am bit frustrated… did 17 rides since 01st of Jan, most Zone2, in average about 1000kcal… and still my absolute kg is the same or even more… must be the growing brain then.