Outside workouts adjusted adaptive training

Hi, if I have 3 indoor workouts planned during the week, if I do an outdoor ride , does adaptive training adjust my next indoor workout accordingly?

If you associate a TR workout with the outdoor ride then I think it will. I add a suitable workout to the calendar for this purpose if there isn’t already one scheduled - click on that day in the calendar and you get the option to add a workout. Just choose one that’s roughly the length of your planned ride, doesn’t matter if it doesn’t exactly match. Chances are it’s going to be an endurance ride/workout so just choose one of those unless you are planning on doing intervals of some sort.

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No, adaptive training doesn’t react to volume, it simply adjusts levels of future workouts based on the success or failure of prior workouts

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So if your previous longest endurance ride was a 2 hour ride and you go outside and do a 5 hour ride (and have an associated outdoor workout) then it will bump up your endurance level and may adjust future endurance rides to match. But it won’t adjust your workouts in the coming days to accommodate the unexpected volume.

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you can see here:

that having higher endurance PL will give you a (new) plan with a little more time at endurance.

Yeah, we have a small sample size, but this sure seems to point out that TR is now making “custom plans” at every stage the user can see them (including “default” plans as seen on the web in this case at least). Could be good to cross-check a couple of different users, plans (more than the POL we did) and portals (mobile & PC/Win apps) to confirm these results.

I can’t say I have seen anything mentioned about this by TR, but I may have missed it. Very interesting and handy from a user perspective, I think.