Week before race

Is this how it should be? or should i do two easy weeks in a row? or swap these two weeks in order? difficult now and easy before the race? this is a plan from plan builder

Some folk need a bit of stimulus before a race to get things going but that looks too much stimulus for me.
Ive never had a duathlon plan, so I couldn’t rightly say but on a regular plan, three A events on the same day could mess things up. I’d contact support@trainerroad.com and see if they can advise.

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Hey @Lukaszryb,

It looks like something got out of line somewhere in your plan. :thinking:

I could reapply things for you to get it straightened out. Do you mind if I take a look? :man_mechanic:

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It’d be great:)

I’ve just reapplied your plan @Lukaszryb!

I did have to bump one of your A races down to a B race because they need to be at least 8 weeks apart from each other (this could have been causing issues before).

If you have a specific race(s) that you’d rather have be your “A” priority, feel free to make those changes, just make sure that they’re far enough apart. :+1:

Take a look and let me know what you think! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I still don’t see tapering in the weeks before races (even A race). but if that’s how it’s supposed to be, I’ll test it :wink: