Week 4 of high volume Century Plan - Adaption?

Hello together,

I am following the high volume Century Plan and am about to kick-off week 4. According to the plan this week has less intensity and volume than the previous three. I suppose this is due to the increased TSS of the previous weeks and this being a “recovery” week. However, I do not feel overly fatigued or unmotivated. Hence, is it ok to continue with a bit more volume? I was considering adding pettit on Friday and extending the shorter workouts on the weekend with some zone 2 work. I believe this should not impare recovery too much.

Just to give you the bigger picture: I have a four day training camp next week (week 5 of the plan) from Thursday to Sunday with a Gran Fondo style event on Sunday which I do not plan to race but only test my fitness on the final climb. My first B race is on Sunday, June 16th. I plan to reduce volume and keep intensity up as of June 10th as part of the taper.

I look forward to your answers and cheers,


If you are about to go into a 4 day training camp, then you should probably be trying to unload TS now, so as to get the most out of the camp.

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