Website Plan Error?

The training plans in the web don’t appear to be correct. There is no recovery week as far as I can tell, though the text indicates there is?!

Is this a mobile web browser issue, or is something awry?

Which plan are you looking at?

This is Rolling Road Race specialty plan and missing recovery week is intentional. From description above plan itself:

Same for all specialty plans.

It’s actually all the plans. Here’s General Build - Mid Volume:

No recovery weeks. When applying to my schedule, it appears to be correct, i.e. a recovery week is included. I dunno… no big deal for me, but anyone looking at the plans might be a bit confused.

… an 8-week Road Century Specialty … again with no recovery… This is not how it actually populates the calendar.

I follow your link and get the 8th week, recovery just as if expect. Nothing missing on my view.

Thanks, @mcneese.chad . I think my confusion is around what actually get’s applied to my calendar when using plan builder. Maybe because I’m looking at just the individualized plans instead of the full plan builder? I don’t know… but every one of these I click on lacks that 4th week Lazy Mountain, Pettit, Townsend, Whorl, Boarstone, Fletcher, Perkins… week that typically exists.

Here’s Sweet Spot Base - Mid Volume I in Plan Builder Week 6:

Here’s the the same week when just selecting that block on it’s own:

Week 4: Mid Volume: Sustained Power Build when planned through Plan Builder:

Week 4: Mid Volume: Sustained Power Build when looking at the isolated block under, “Training Plans > Build Phase”

OK, we have to be clear on the two worlds of reference here:

  1. Default Training Plans as viewed and/or applied to the calendar using the old, manual method. This will always include any and all workouts & weeks seen via the web or app interface.

  2. Any plan applied using Plan Builder. This can and does alter the actual plan applied to fit within the many options and variables within the PB process. (Most notably the duration of the plan, along with any events that my impact the spacing of work/recovery weeks).

If you are “missing” weeks via a Plan Builder application (as compared to the first option), it’s because of the conditions you have selected in PB. Since we can’t see or access that level of info, you are best to contact TR support directly. Your situation may well be unique based on your PB setup.


Yep. Agreed. You got it.