Website for Creating ERG files to Import into Workout Creator

Awhile back I was reading the forums and someone had mentioned a quick n’ dirty website for creating interval workouts in the browser that could then be saved as an ERG file and dragged and dropped into workout creator. And of course, now I can’t find the thread.

Anyone know of a website that has this capability?



I’ve used TrainingPeaks to create/modify/download .erg files that import into WorkoutCreator. I’ll search the forum for the site you are thinking about.

this was only one I could find:

the website will redirect you to

I’ve used three:

  • Garmin Connect on mobile and web, pushes to Garmin head unit
  • TrainingPeaks (free and paid), push to head units or download and import into TR WorkoutCreator
  • TrainerRoad WorkoutCreator but no export and can’t download to head unit =. can only use for trainer rides

TrainingPeaks is really quick & easy, its what I use although my outdoor intervals are simple enough to memorize and do manually.

2 Likes now has a workout builder that can do this: