Create/import a workout from mobile

Hi all,

I appreciate a lot the possibility to design a workout (thanks to the workout creator on the pc).

I use a webapp that allows me to simply write them out in almost plain English (kudos and shout-outs to and convert them to MRC or ERG.
I can then import them via the workout creator, I was wondering if it possible to bypass the pc step and import the MRC or ERG file directly from the mobile app (or sending an email to that parses and add it to my workouts list… Or any other simple way that can arrange your developers)

Thanks in advance

I wondered same but recently (actually just yesterday) realised I don’t care:

  • create workout in (truly the best experience)
  • push to headunit
  • complete it either outdoor or indoor (using headunit to control trainer)
  • push to Strava
  • sync to TR

So far have done it only for single LSD workout, don’t know what kind of issues may rise down the road, let’s see.

Unfortunately until WLv2 is implemented, you’ll lose track of “official” PL assignments but as you already creating workouts, I assume you have also own per zone progression?

At least should still get AI FTP detection and RLGL goodies.


Hey there,

There is no way to do so at this time.

It might be worth considering using something like TrainingPeaks to get your custom workout uploaded there and then synced to TR using your Activity Sync page, but you still might have to get on your PC to do that.

Or, as @svens mentioned, you could push the custom workout straight to your head unit, do the workout, and then upload it to TR. It won’t have a Workout Level associated with it, but the workout will still be taken into account by AI FTP Detection and RLGL, as stated above.

Indeed I am already using my workflow (just a little annoying, but there’s worse) and I get the AI FTP and the progression levels (when I put it on the calendar, TR tells me Achievable,…) and I am glad it is taken into account.

Thanks for the answer, hope in the future there will be an easier and more direct way.

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