Uploading workout files without Workout Creator

I’m unable to use the workout creator bc my home laptop is broken, my work laptop restricts something so I can’t launch it and the mobile creator app isn’t available on mobile.

Are there any other work around for me to upload erg workout files?

I use TriDot and they just released an export feature that I’d like to leverage. Currently I have to convert the workouts and make the power target changes ad hoc during the workouts.

Unfortunately, the Adobe Air based Workout Creator is the only way that we are able to import ERG files into TrainerRoad :pensive:.

Developing a web-based Workout Creator is on our Development Roadmap, however, we have not started its development yet, so that feature is still a ways out.

I’m really sorry that I don’t have better news for you; your best bet will likely be to borrow a friend or family member’s laptop, or look for workouts that have similar demands as the workout that you are trying to upload.

Thanks. I may just have to switch apps sadly.