Custom workout based on imported outdoor ride

Is it possible to create a Custom workout based on imported outdoor ride?


I’m keen to know the answer to this question too.

Turns out you can drag and drop ERG file in the customer workout creator!

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I can see the option to do this in the ‘workout’ section of TR, but how do you convert an outdoor ride that is currently housed in Strava or Garmin Connect into a .erg or .mrc file as seems to be required?


You can do this using BestBikeSplit, then import a file into the Workout Creator. Doesn’t take long to do. See this post:

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You can also control a smart trainer using a Garmin device. So if you road the course and it’s on your Garmin…and you have a (let’s say for the purpose of dialogue) tacx vortex smart trainer…you can use the Garmin to control the vortex and re-ride whatever activity you have saved on your Garmin.

You may or may not decide this is easier than creating an erg file and importing that file into Custom Workout Creator. For me, Custom Workout Creator does not work and TR has never been able to resolve the issue…so using a head unit to drive the smart trainer is infinitely easier than using Custom Workout Creator! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just want to mention that TR support stuck with it and eventually resolved the issue with WorkoutCreator

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A few notes here, as I just talked to the BestBikeSplit folks about this. If you create a route in BestBikeSplit, get all your bike and route settings right, then create a race out of that, you can export to an ERG file…,HOWEVER, BestBikeFit will not reflect your exact ride power profile. In order to reduce the number of intervals, it will combine segments and use average power. This might work great for endurance-threshold rides, but if you do any fast efforts in your ride or race, like a 1-5s sprint or surge, it will not capture it, but average it into a larger interval segment. In the case of trying simulate a track omnium, for instance, this didn’t do me any good. It created a very boring workout in threshold and VO2max zones. BestBikeSplit says you have to upload your ride file to their new BETA Race Analytics section, then export to ERG, and it will then capture your ride or race file “as is”, in all its glory and suffering. :slight_smile:

Be prepared for a totally wild workout in TR. Below is a workout I created from an Elite Masters Omnium I did at Redmond, WA, for the NW Regional Track Championships. This workout includes a 20m warmup, three races separated by 5m of cool down, and then a last cool down. The races are a Scratch Race, a Keirin, and then a final Points Race. I have no idea what this will be like in ERG mode. It may be entirely out of control and difficult to manage. It will probably be easier on my InsideRide E-Motion rollers in ERG mode, since they react a bit slower than a direct drive smart trainer in terms of producing target power. It would provide a least a few milliseconds of prep time on the 1-2 second burst intervals. Still looks absolutely insane.

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I can’t wait to hear how you got on! Looks absolutely bonkers :dizzy_face:

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I think what would be awesome here is to look at the fitness levels in something like training peaks (form, fitness, fatigue) and then use the data from then and now to change the workout and show predictors. I just look at my my data using elevate and I was the same fitness as I was for an ironman in NoV2017.

if I hop on the bike today I should do the same (pathetic) times as I did in Nov 2017.

ideally I would want to see potential progress

Being that the TR calendar syncs with Garmin connect and all my rides are on the calendar it would be really sweet if there was a way to add a button to make that ride a TR workout. No idea if that’s even possible but would be really cool.

1 Like can create workouts from rides. Just drag them from the calendar onto a folder in your workout library. It uses the intervals from the ride so the workout you get is “clean”. You can download MRC/ERG/ZWO from the workout editor.

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