Feature Request: Workout Creator on iPad/iPhone, Web Based

What the title says.
I do almost everything on iPad. I think in a year or so, once the laptop gets old, I will be done with computers.


The current plans I have read indicate that they plan to make the update Workout Creator web based, so that might just solve this request, once if/when it happens.


They could just do what ergdb.org does. Their workout creator is web-based and text-based. You just type in the length of each interval and what percentage of ftp it is (you can do ramps up/down, say 85% to 100 %). It is ridiculously easy to use and super fast. Since you can copy/paste, even workouts with many intervals take very little time to make. By “very little” I mean 2-5 minutes!

This last month, I have made around 50 workouts, some of which are different length variations, so it is easy to choose a workout, if I, for example, know I have 75 minutes. I have uploaded them to my Wahoo Bolt and have done about 10 of them. It works brilliantly! If the TR upload to Wahoo Bolt is going to work the same, it will be very good :grin:


You’re not wrong there. So much better than any other system for creating workout files. If the new workout creator isn’t a clone of this interface there’s something wrong.

It’s so easy that it takes longer to load up the TR workout creator and drag the erg file in than it does to actually create workouts in ErgDB.


Any update on this? I’d really like to be able to move workouts from TrainingPeaks to TrainerRoad via my iPhone or iPad.

I think it is still planned, but not actively being worked on right now. Sounds like the mobile app rebuild is a big priority at the moment.

Does the current solution offer a command-line interface and do you get a file or is it connected to your Trainerroad account?

Modern GUI.

Here are all the instructions:

Thanks. I wouldn’t mind writing a wrapper around it and expose some an API or UI. I just don’t have a machine running 24/7. The required login mechanism is no issue if I can push all created workouts in some public group and maybe prefix all workouts with creators name.

Not promising anything but it’s getting colder…

The Adobe AIR Workout Creator works well on both Mac and PC, but it would be great to have a web-based editor to be able to create and customize workouts anywhere, not just on computers with admin privileges to install the software.

To TrainerRoad Team,

I know that an update to Workout Creator isn’t, or hasn’t been, on the top of your to do list, but what is the plan for allowing users to create their own workouts going forward given that Adobe ended its support of Air at the end or 2020?

Adobe Air has been handed off to Harman (a wholly‐owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.), and from Harman’s website it looks like Air will no longer be freely available.

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Related post from earlier.


I think my post was slightly different. I’m not asking for a specific solution like an iPad / iPhone or web, i’m asking the more general question of: what does TR plan to do, now that’s its workout creator requires non-supported software?

The answer could be an iPad / iPhone or web based solution. Or it could be a desktop. There really should be a more general: New Workout Creator needed thread topic.



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Slightly different, yes. But it is all related in the eventual answer of whatever TR plans to offer in the longer term. Per the TR Approved comment I added above, their prior stated intentions are headed to the web.

May or may not be the case still, and TR can clarify if they care to offer more. I just figured it was all overlapping enough to merge.

I included the other post since it just came up with the same concern (Air discontinued) as your comment, and includes the options for use going forward.

Edit: I went ahead and reopened your original topic.

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Thanks. Given the end of Air, I’m hoping this is the impetus TR needs to finally update workout creator. Or barring doing it themselves, publishes the API spec and file format and let other people solve this problem.


We definitely agree, a WC update is due and on the roadmap! :v:

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That’s great news. Here’s hoping it’s on the 2021 roadmap, and not the 2022 :rofl:


When updating, it might be worth looking at the ZWOfactory.com builder. It is very effective at allowing one to create a workout effectively, very user friendly. Note that it is in the .zwo format.

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