Web Usability Issue: Why only display 3 intervals?

Is this just me? Or are other people seeing only 3 intervals displayed when reviewing a completed workout on the web?

If other people are seeing this: to TR: why? This is a pretty horrible (at least to me) user experience. Web pages should scroll downward, without making people click “next” type buttons. Especially turning 8 intervals into 3 screens. Please, please fix this so all intervals are displayed. Or at least a reasonable number like 10 or 15. Or better, make if this isn’t going to show all intervals, make the break-point user selectable.

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In my experience the number of intervals shown is inconsistent. For example its pretty common to have to scroll thru multiple pages.

However right now I pulled up various workouts going back to the beginning of this year, and it now shows, without any scrolling, 34 on one, 17 on another, 38 on another, 6 on another, … I like it.

Hmmm. From my point of view it appears they have fixed ‘must scroll intervals’ at least on my MacBook Pro with outdoor rides recorded on Garmin 530.

Maybe they fixed other bugs like disabling Elevation and zooming leads to ‘interesting’ behavior. One can only hope.

I’ve always seen all my intervals on one screen - need to scroll down obviously but have never seen multiple pages like you describe. Been using TR since year 1…

not here…

And on iPhone sometimes it will get “stuck” on the 10th interval, and not allow me to continue right scrolling to the 11th and later intervals. That has happened to me several times a week for a long time.


I’ve been lucky then - although to be fair I tend to look at my intervals more often in WKO over the last few years, but have luckily never had any issues with the UI onf TR.

After playing with this, it appears to be a problem with the TR web code tied to monitor size resolution. See the below three examples.

On my external Monitor (~27" set at 3840 x2160):

Hmmmmm. This now looks like a web browser issue. Same workout as above but using Firefox instead of Safari:

More digging - moving the Safari window from my large external monitor and back onto my MacBook pro screen (13.3" at 2560 x 1600):


It varies with the height of your browser window (or screen). Just tried on a PC and resizing my window took it from showing 4 intervals to showing 11. It’s responsive design.

My Safari windows on MacBook Pro is always the same size. I’ve seen inconsistent behavior over time, so I suspect TR is tweaking the web app.


In the garage after something like threshold over-unders I might want to quickly scan intervals:

I really like TR’s card display and scrolling left-right. Although TR analysis is somewhat limited. The TrainingPeaks app generally offers better ‘in the garage’ analysis, but not for quickly scanning intervals.

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Yes, same here, it absolutely drives me nuts — the UI tries to be smart, but is totally flaky. Just scrolling will often change the number of displayed intervals. Or when I go to portrait mode on my iPad.

Unfortunately, I cannot check whether I hit my power targets in the app for some strange reason. It seems like an obvious feature that shouldn‘t be too hard to implement.

Thanks for all the feedback here. Im passing the is along to the team that its not a great user experience to scroll through/view intervals completed, and that the experience differs vastly depending upon your browser, browser size, app, device, etc.
Hopefully we can get the team on addressing this soon!

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