Feature Request - HELP There's too many numbers on my screen!

Firstly - TR is great, i am a huge fan and it’s got even better recently. I love the new workout interface BUT there’s too much information on the screen - there’s now 13 different numbers to watch through blurring vision as the pain bites.

I like having the addition of TSS, KJ, and NP. But does anyone really need an average of their power, cadence or their HR in an interval. This is just numbers for the sake of it.

Similarly what do all the numbers mean on the calendar? I work in IT so i’m used to being able to look at pages of data and really quickly infer the meaning but everytime i look at the cells on the right hand side i am baffled and irritated and have to manually total up the TSS or time in the week to try to see what the numbers correlate to.

Could we have a little Key or some clues so that the data works “at a glance”?

I assume that you’re using the iPad / phone in portrait. Options are either to use it in landscape or to swipe the upper graph across so that you get a current interval graph instead.
ps sometimes (eg when doing FTP test), having the extra data does come in handy, but generally the graphs are better.

No , this is the Windows version.

Is this during a workout? during a workout I only see My power, My target, interval time, total time, cadence and HR. How do you see more data?

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For interval training, certainly power and HR are common data points for people to track during an interval.

I’d really like the ability to move data around too. I’m on a dumb trainer so I have to manually hit power. Silly as it sounds, I dislike looking left constantly, whereas time is more tertiary to my needs in-interval.

Instantaneous power, HR etc. for sure, but average- when you have a graph visually guiding what is actually important - I find tends to be data overload. If I could edit what data fields are on my screen I would trim some out for sure.

There is a little arrow that allows you to see more or less stats on Windows.

Either basics or basics and extra

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If you click this “Stats” icon, the additional data will become hidden and only the critical info will be displayed :+1:.

Hi Bryce…

Thanks… But I like TSS and KJ as it makes me feel like I’m doing actual work. :blush:
It’s just the other data I think is overkill. I remember Coach Chad saying about 200 podcasts ago that they didn’t put speed on the screen as it’s just too much data that you can’t do anything useful with and it’s distracting.


Anyway, thanks for your help.



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