Bug on web application?

Hello everyone,

Not sure if this is a bug or not. I have also not contacted TR helpdesk yet.

I had a 30K TT race last night, and I came up some kind of strategy on Trainingpeaks and create 5 minutes intervals. As my TR and TP accounts are connected my workout synced to TR.

Once the workout appeared on TR calendar, TR assigned the values of Vo2Max with 11.9.

Unfortunately, I had puncture during the race and my race finished at 20K. I saved the race file on my Garmin which then synced back to TR too.

  1. Original race TP file is 45min, 85TSS and 1,06 IF with 11.9 ranking from TR.
  2. I had to stopped at 36min 39 TSS and .80 IF. And TR recognized this as an unplanned ride.

As soon as I match these rides on TR, TR assigns progression of 11.9 which I think it is wrong. It seems it lacks of the calculation of the ride and directly assigns the calculated value as soon as the match happens.

Any thoughts?

Is it possible to remove the association ?

External workouts and indeed workouts from the workout creator can have interesting progression levels, one of my Xert workouts had a progression of 27, but modified TR workouts seem to be in the right ball park

I’d drop a message to support, as the should (might) be fixed by progression levels 2.0, and external workouts and it’s always a good idea to give them a use case (though I was told it was the highest priority in September)

I removed the association but then it does not calculate the progression levels.

I think thats how the system works for now, until Progression Levels 2.0 is introduced, you might want to check out some of this thread


Also very similar issue here