Feature Request: Go to Next/Previous Ride from Workout View

I would really appreciate it if there were arrows so I could advance to the next or go back to a previous workout from within the workout screen.

Feeling the pain of doing several freeform outside rides and going back to add survey responses…

Are you talking about the workout player within the TR app or something else?

I ask because I am confused by this part of your statement “doing several freeform outside rides”.

I had accessed an outdoor ride from via the web interface via the calendar.

OK, it’s good to see the precise use case so TR can review it.

Here is “hack” solution while you wait for TR consideration:

  • Open your Career page and the Past Activities section of your TR website.
  • Use the “CTRL + Left Mouse Button” to open separate tabs for each workout to view and/or edit the survey. This is my trick in Chrome, but seems to work in most Win web browsers I have tried it.
  • Swap to each tab, do whatever needs to be done and then close that tab.
    Not perfect, but it’s pretty darn fast and I use that trick for a variety of functions around TR.

Intervals uses < and >

Garmin Connect uses < and >

WKO5 uses a list in left-hand nav:

Thanks for these examples! I am partial to the < > format.