Wearing a full face helmet for road cycling

Would you?

Was thinking about it and came across this. Looks weird and not truly full face but might save your chin or some teeth? :grin:

Well Ruroc started doing it for skiing, and although it might look odd, it’s perfect for a sport practiced in frigid temps.

But considering that on a motorbike, most crashes end up affecting the chin, it would make sense to do the same for cyclists.

Could probably keep a few faces from getting road rash


I, and tons of other people, have a small scar right on the point of my chin that would’ve been prevented with a helmet like this

That said - probably not


Would do it for sure if it looked cool and was cool(temperature, I mean).




Might have prevented this.


I think I’m probably in the same camp…could save my face from a horrific injury but looks kind of weird so probably not :joy::joy:

In a sport where men shave their legs, wear lycra and have big pads on our arses it’s funny that we don’t like the idea of a full face because it looks weird :grinning:


I’d only do it if it’s more aero :rofl:

You’d need a motocross style helmet to enable breathing. You can’t breathe properly in a road style motorbike helmet. But with such a helmet, the impact on your neck and head may actually increase when something catched the chin part and twists your head.

So… I don’t know. There should exist research on this. Or just try downhill bicycle gear and see how it feels.

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Surely if the risk of catching the chin and causing more damage was likely, then this would be apparent in all the sports that use these types of helmet. Not to mention that those sports are likely to have more obstacles to catch the chin than when road cycling.

How about this?


Looks pretty aero, not sure you’d be invited back on the local group ride tho.


I think there’s pros and cons with everything, hence the different styles and choices. At least in the motorbike world, having a protruding “cap screen” on your forehead for shade is considering as something that can catch and twist (adventure helmets). Additional weight can mean more impact protection, but it can also increase the forces on the neck on impact.
Ideally, you’d want to be well protected overall, having as little weight as possible and as good slide against the asphalt as possible, while not hindering breathing at VO2max.

I’d be among the first to adopt an integral style helmet for road bicycling, as long as I can breathe normally in it.

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Hmm. And I’ve been thinking about getting body armor after breaking ribs in a road race. :frowning_face:

Still scared from an old girlfriends parents making her sister wear a helmet in my car when we went driving. It’s a no from me

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Does it come with a breathing sound amplifier and a lightsaber? This is certainly a case of the product branding fitting its looks pretty well.

That says quite a lot about their perception of your driving skills.

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Im a motorcyclist and not an experienced cyclist but im amazed this is still a point of discussion for you guys.
I have cyclist friends, one face planted a car and was in a right mess, the second hit the deck, lost a canine and had to spend a lot of money getting it replaced.
For a few grams of course you want to protect your face. 30mph is FAST if you have the wrong sort of impact. I’ve crashed at 30 and landed on my face. My helmet protected me.
In addition airbag technology is improving all the time. Motocyclists have adopted wearable devices as have equestrians. Cycling is still to catch up.
Just my thoughts. My friend is currently recovering from an accident. His helmet saved him but a few degrees of difference and he could have really damaged his face. I found this post while researching helmets for him.

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I dont think is the weight… but the heat…
Granted… a full face bike helmet could be done that is not as hot as a motorcycle helmet…

I would wear a full face. If it was not an oven on it that is…

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This one is more my style!!