Do aero helmets make a difference?

yes, but watch my video anyway! lol


I’ve heard a helmet can present more of a watt savings than a frame wonder if that’s true

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Threads like this shouldn’t be allowed to stay, I’m flagging it but i’ll give @hubcyclist the courtesy of why first. If you want to promote yourself (including driving people to your channel) there are other forums, this site works well and is constructive/educational because it’s free of advertising and shameless self promotion from individuals and brands. Hopefully mods agree and we can keep it that way.


Oof someone must be fun at parties. OP posted an interesting video with good data showing something people who want to get faster would benefit from, I don’t see any promotion…


Hey, I’m just sharing, I’ve been a member of this community since the start and try to contribute positively. People care about getting faster, I went out and did a test and shared it with the community.


I think it should stay.

If only because it shows me how much more power I’m putting out to go slower. :grin:

Sillyness aside though - good info and interesting to most. If there was shameless self promotion I must have missed it.

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A race fit jersey or an aero helmet is certainly better watts/$ than buying a new frame to save a few watts.

I think most of the savings on a high end aero bike is the aero bars, hidden/integrated cables, and the 65mm wheels. Put the aero bars and deep wheels on another bike and you get a lot of the way there. Eliminate derailleur cables with etap and you save a couple more watts. I’m not saying that aero frames aren’t faster, just that the frame itself doesn’t save that many watts.

I got a Trek Ballista aero helmet. You can definitely feel the airfoil effects as you orient your head towards the wind as you are riding.


I had that one and it was nice. Got the Velocis MIPS now for more airflow but never seen it in any tests. @Brennus seemed very pleased with his though

I’ve sort of had myself convinced that wheel upgrades were a bit overrated mainly due to some videos, like one of Jeff/nocal videos where he found the equivalent of 1min saved per hour on nicer carbon wheels vs aluminum ones, so I was surprised at the difference I found between these two helmets. I’m still not convinced wheels are the best for the money. Because of lack of racing, I’ve done some training rides in my CX skinsuits. I haven’t gone the leg shaving route yet, but if I attempt a 5hr century I will because why the heck not. And I’m still thinking of getting more aero handlebars.

But as I said in the video, it was surprising using the aero helmet immediately after the non-aero helmet because I could definitely tell a difference in how I was cutting through the air. Normally I’m not big on the subjective stuff but I definitely felt something.

Anyway, my club is using another brand of aero helmet this season for the road race team, so if I’m shilling product then I’m doing a crappy job because Lazer isn’t offering anything to our club this year lol

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Comparing speed without wind data?

If I’m following correctly (Strava activity id), it appears you did this ride on Sunday May 2, 2021. A quick look at the shifting and variable winds in New Bedford (nearest wind data from a quick look in Wunderground):

Source: New Bedford, MA Weather History | Weather Underground

I ride in the wind all the time. Even on the same ride, in the same direction and same power, I see different speeds based on changing wind patterns. :man_shrugging:

Faster than the kask bambino! :smiley: And the Tava and the Synthe. But not the javelin.

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I’m certainly no wind expert, the conditions felt similar to me and on a loop I would think in my uneducated opinion that exposure to wind in opposite directions would offset? But again I can’t claim to know, I just tried to do these as close to each other and with as much controlled as I could

All I got from the video was a 1.4% difference in power (210 vs 213 on power), so call that even, and inconclusive regarding impact on speed because of variable and changing wind conditions.

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Looked up a few and surprised honestly just based on appearance. Your comment was what made me reconsider getting rid of it and once I cut my hair it’s a bit cooler too. How are you testing them?

I’ve thought about cutting out a bit more foam around the rear openings to open them up a bit but nervous to mod safety gear

My last TT I was a bit absent minded and grabbed my normal road helmet, and leaving the short-tail at home. The course had heavy cross winds with large gusts. I could feel the wind catching the vents on the top, and tossing my head over. It was the first time I actually FELT the difference between the two helmets.

I paid a guy to help me. He had aeropods & weather stations & timing mats & aeropods…we spent a lot of timing picking the correct location…it was really a lot of fun. I could take a drink and find that spot in the data. Super interesting stuff. You go slower for a long time after you take a drink (if you’re grabbing a bottle)!

I also used windsock, best bike split, and the chung virtual elevation method to cross check all results. It was a lot of fun for me. Super geek fest. Everybody should do it.


Sounds pretty intense. Makes me wonder how much more aero Di2 wires are compared to Mechanical cable housings and how much that’s worth :rofl:

I just want to know what the fastest aero helmet is, and not a TT helmet

If road aero helmet selection is anything like TT helmet selection, you will find that there is no single “best” helmet for everyone. Plenty of testing with TT helmets shows that some helmets work better for some riders vs others.

I expect road aero helmets will be similar, where there is not a “best” for everyone either. Overall body position, head angle, relative head position to torso and such will all play a part. Chances are likely good that any aero helmet will be faster than a regular vented one though, but I bet there is an exception hiding in there too. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think the Spesh Evade is one of the fastest i saw in the brief search I did, maybe the Bontrager Ballista too being very similar looking. I tried on an Evade 2 and it felt big on my head (same size M I always have), and the front comes to kind of a point which stuck out in my peripheral and I wasn’t a fan.

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