What helmet should I buy?

What bike helmet should I buy? I’m primarily training for triathlon but I want something that’s just as good for road cycling - the reality is I’ll be spending far more time using it for just road cycling/training than for actual tri-racing. I’m keen for something aero and safe (e.g., MIPS or wavecell), and obviously not too heavy. I don’t want a TT helmet.

Would love your thoughts - thanks crew!


Very pleased with the Giro Aether MIPS. Seems to fit your criteria but the price is quite top end.


Bontrager Ballista MIPS or Velocis MIPS are good options and test well for safety and aero.


+1 on the ballista mips! Just replaced my non mips one that I crashed in with the new mips one, plus it’s relatively affordable compared to the other aero road helmets out there.

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I’ve spent a lot of miles using the Giro Synthe, Bontrager Velocis, BBB Tithon, & Bontrager Ballista. In order of aero: Tithon, Ballista, Velocis, Synthe (but they’re all pretty good). In order of ventilation: Velocis, Synthe, (big gap) Ballista, Tithon. In order of comfort: Velocis, Synthe, (big gap) Tithon, Ballista.

In terms of safety, I smashed my head into the gravel wearing the Synthe and wearing the Velocis. The latter had MIPs and the former didn’t. MIPs made a huge difference. I think MIPs is worth the money.


Specialized Evade? Giro vanquish (you don’t have to use the visor or you can for the tris) would lean aero
Since you’re using it for tris

Also a lot of pros used the evade at Iona


Love my kask protone.


I’ve purchased and have been using a number of different helmets in the past year between road and Trail/XC mountain biking.

On the road I really like the Poc Ventral Spin and the Giro Aether. Both are quite aero, relatively light and vent well. I’ve worn them on very hot days with no issues and done long days in the saddle riding centuries and climbing Haleakala. I find them quite comparable. I think either would fit your needs really well. If you shop around you can get some discounts.

I picked up a Trek Specter with Wavecel to use for XC mountain biking. I haven’t had a chance to ride with it yet but hopefully will get out tomorrow. Looking at it, I agree with the concerns @Jonathan raised about it possibly being hot, so we’ll see how it performs once the summer months hit.

Finally, I just picked up the Poc Ventral Air Spin. This helmet is similar to the Ventral Spin but with more slots cut into it. Poc claims it is still aero on only at high speeds is there much of a difference between it and the Ventral. I figured it would be a great option for hot XC days and possible for endurance races like Leadville. I held off on the more pricey XXX as I bought the aforementioned Giro and Poc helmets recently and waiting to hear how people like the XXX on the road in the heat.

The one thing missing is really good aero data. I hope we get some good independent testing this year to better assess the relative tradeoffs between the different helmets in terms of weight, cooling and being aero.


Another vote for the Kask Protone.

Although I might be a bit biased as I probably owe it my life.


I heard an interview on the Downtime podcast with Brad Waldron from Kali Protectives. Very interesting and different approach to brain buckets. Something to look into. I am seriously considering one of their helmets for XC racing (and dirt triathlons).

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I recently bought a Giro Synthe (MIPS) and have been pretty happy with it.


Care to elaborate on in which way mips made a difference, and how you know that it did? I’m not doubting you, I’m just curious.

Second for the protone


Just got an Evade II. Like it better than my Bontrager Ballista. Sleeker, better ventilation


The new Bolle furo mips is real nice. Comfy.
Try on what you can and see what feels best and works with your budget and concerns: safety, aero, breathability, etc

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I’m in the same boat with the same profile. I thought of the specialized evade II.

Does anybody have experience with a MET Manta?

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I highly recommend MET Trenta. So satisfied using it even though it doesn’t have MIPS.


I had an experience with the Manta. It’s a good helmet, but then if you are that person who always puts eyewear on their helmet, you’ll be disappointed with this one as the holes in front of it are too small.

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Abus Game Changer Aero, very light and aero. Can get a little hot on the long climbs in the sun.

The one that fits your head best is a good place to start.

Also, does it annoy you by being in your vision or by touching your glasses etc.

My nomination to the massive list of almost every helmet ever made is the Lazer Z1.