Wearing a full face helmet for road cycling

I think it makes sense. Really you just need to dissipate some fraction of the energy to get big wins. As long as it doesn’t make it harder to breathe, make my face hot, or weight a shit ton (so that it’s comfortable)… sure.

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I have that, but it was from the steering wheel of my Beetle.

As for a full face helmet for road cycling… I’m not yet convinced I need any helmet; so no, I wouldn’t wear it.

Edit: Oh, I didn’t realise it was a necro. Sorry.

There are at least 2 people on my regular routes that I have seen wearing full face, what actually looked like motorcycle, helmets. When someone inquired on a local online group, the response was that they both had underlying issues that necessitated an extra abundance of caution around head impacts. One poor guy was riding around mid day in 30C+ weather in the open road and didn’t look so well and I wondered if it was the heat or the condition.

Comfort aside, what you gain in potential safety, I think you lose in visibility.

Maybe bike need rear view mirrors?

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And airbags…all I can picture right now is Sarcastaball

So late to the party…


I mean, I am not saying that full face is not a bad idea. I know at least 2 people who have lost teeth and have scars in the face having accidents on their bikes.
The problem is helmets are heavy (can probably be work with since is lower speed than motorcycles) and hot (also probably can be work with with the use of vents).
something like this is not a horrible start

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I don’t even wear a full face when I ride Pro downhill lines on my MTB (obviously not racing). I have in the past a few times, and I may again in the future, but not now.

Virtually every time I have impacted the ground it was on the back or sides of my head. I haven’t landed on my face since I was 9 years old. Even when I raced motorcycles all my impacts were to the back and sides of the helmet.

I don’t think that is an accurate representation. Those were the people who wrecked AND needed medical attention. So all the people who had a half shell and impacted the protected area and went home afterwards didn’t report the incident. I have wrecked motorcycles more times than I can count (more than once in a single day in racing) and not ONCE did I go to a hospital. So none of my wrecks are documented.

But I do wear a full face on my motorcycles at all times still.

I’d wear one for MTB but it doesn’t match my Lycra. Unpopular opinion: full face helmets can more easily twist your neck, I’d rather lose some teeth than be paralyzed. If I was concerned enough to wear a full face and anti skid clothing on my road bike, I’d just ride zwift

Opinion or fact?
Because I know people who have serious face laceration from bike accidents…

but i can agree that there chances of that happening is not super high…

Opinion, because having worn full face Helmets and knowing how tightly they fit the head I don’t imagine any kind of MIPS is possible, but could be wrong there. There IS however more of a chance of a larger helmet catching on something and twisting your head around

I say that as opinion and not fact because this is only me theory, and I certainly know folks who have broken their faces riding mountain bikes without chin protection. Full face seems overkill for road cycling where a fall happens at lower speeds and is a bit easier to tuck and roll or have less injuries IMO than on a trail with rocks and other obstacles. And I know everyone wants to do the “well if you get hit by a car going 30mph” to which I’d say at that point your helmet choice is not the biggest influence of your outcome

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That argument has been around for years from the why should I wear a helmet on a motorcycle crowd. To my knowledge, I never saw anything that proved or disproved correlation between neck injuries and full faced helmets.


Seems like scuffing chin, breaking hand, and breaking collarbone typically involve a rider trying to catch themselves falling with an outstretched hand. Probably better off trying to roll with the crash.

Add judo to base training?

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One of the people I know had an accident and had face/lips lacerations and teeth lost didn’t colide with a car… it was on a TT bike and road was uneven and she didnt notice… she hit a little step and the bike stop on the spot, she was on the drops and went over the handlebars… the outcome was not pretty…
she was knocked unconscious.
was a human error and probably not super common tho.

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I’d get on board with full face if it was lightweight, allowed for good vision, and had good airflow.
They look ridiculous to me but then again so do I with all the scars and broken bones I’ve had on my face😂


It might happen if the pro peloton start doing it.
Same as when they start wearing helmets during the TdF.
Back then it was normal not to wear anything.
Now is seems crazy to think riding the TdF without one!


Broken collarbones can happen with hard impact on the shoulder even back to the shoulder blade without any kind of reaching to catch. Ask me how I know.

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Something closer would be ski racing helmets for slalom events. They usually have a bolt on wire or light aluminum chin guards and are not required to have the ears covered. Still not as light or ventilated as a EPS bike helmet but no where near as heavy and bulky as a motorcyle or even BMX/downhill style.

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Funny, I was thinking exactly that. But those are installed on full-head helmets, not the flimsy ones we use when cycling, and only have to resist a slalom gate hitting you in the face, not the full body of a human falling face-first on pavement. The helmet needs to resist the moments that would come from that pretty long lever. But it would certainly provide a first-level protection against face plants.