We need your help! Share your success stories for a chance to win TR swag!

Hey everyone, our marketing team could use your help!

We want to share the personal victories TrainerRoad helps you achieve.

Specifically, we’d love to share how you’ve improved your results in an event, race, or ride, compared to before you started structured training with TrainerRoad. What real-world improvements have you seen? We’ll be using these stories on our website, as well as sharing some of them on social media.

For example, one of the athletes from the Successful Athlete’s Podcast, our guest David Curtis, had a 99w FTP gain from his training and his target race was Leadville. Compared to his pre-training fitness, Best Bike Split estimated he was 4 hours faster!

Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Fill out this Google Form. It should only take a few minutes.
  • Let us know your fitness improvements from using TrainerRoad.
  • Let us know what event, race, climb or course you aimed to train for and some information about it. Keep in mind, it doesn’t just have to be a race!
  • We’ll randomly choose 3 athlete submissions to win a TrainerRoad swag pack! We love to hear stories from around the world. Unfortunately, though, we will only be able to ship the swag packs within the US.

Really appreciate the help!



Really wish I had a more concrete results for this. Without any events, my goals have been to focus on personal progression and I’m up 30 watts year over year on season match! But that doesn’t look like what you guys need for this survey as it asks for segments, race courses, etc.


Unfortunately not for this specific one, but those are awesome improvements! Way to go! We’ll keep that in mind when we’re looking for some FTP-specific gains!

This doesn’t necessarily have to be a recent improvement though, so a win or improvement from a few years ago could be great to share too!


:pleading_face::worried: We do have postal services outside of USA…


Submitted on the Google Form but the questions didn’t line up exactly with my situation. We have a local XCO race series consisting of 10 events where they take your 5 best results for the overall Championship Point Series (CPS) winner. I started TR in 2018 and trained over the winter 2018/2019 in an attempt to place higher in the overall XCO series the following year. I was a mid pack racer in 2018 (Sport Category) and wanted to improve my fitness and be more competitive for 2019. I had a grade 3 shoulder separation in Oct 2018 so I had to rehab that as I started my TR training for the 2019 season.

After one winter training with TR I improved my FTP by over 100 watts and performed much better than expected. In 2019 I won my first 4 races and took 2nd place in my 5th race. This resulted in me winning the Championship Point Series and upgrading to Expert Category afterwards. TR worked for me!

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This is a weird question, but would it be ok to submit running results instead of cycling? There just has been almost no cycling/triathlon races to partake in the last year, but I’ve been able to race 8-10 running races of various lengths with almost universal success. TR structure/workouts/advice from the podcast, blog, and resources have been instrumental in building my fitness and training my energy systems for success (i rode 12k miles last year and built a lot of the running fitness on the bike)- I just have had more opportunities and honestly seen bigger gains in running than in cycling. I’ve also seen huge gains from improving diet and getting leaner following TR’s advice on the podcast and blog.

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Perfect for the side piece, TreadmillRoad :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, congrats on the improvement. Cool to see them in the multisport side tangent to the main TR training :smiley:

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I targeted an all-time PB on my local steep climb this winter, but I won’t tell you about it unless you commit to sending a MUG (just a mug) to the UK if I am randomly selected. You know it makes sense, have your people call my people :facepunch: :pray: :writing_hand:

@abrooks13 @RobertSims On the note of US-only for sending swag, unfortunately, it comes down to the complications with customs we’ve had when we’ve shipped outside the US in the past. :confused: The issues that have somehow come up with swag packs in particular have required a ton of time and effort to get sorted out.

@mikemcvea You can for sure submit those! To be transparent, we’ll likely be focusing on cycling a bit more with this content, but we’d love to hear the improvements from your hard work and have a great example of some running gains!

@MI-XC That’s awesome, thanks for sharing! Glad you submitted the success even if it didn’t exactly match the form. I’ve seen you mention your improvements in other areas on the forum and am always super impressed!

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Thanks for replying @ncomerford, I appreciate the answer so I filled in the form. I do want a mug though.

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Submitted! I would love to share how TR helped me knock out a 340 mile single stage gravel race!

I saw that, thanks Cory! When I saw the response come through I had to do a double take to make sure your 30+ hour time wasn’t a typo. :joy: Incredibly impressive!

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My story doesn’t really fit the form. I raced the Iceman Cometh Challenge in 2018 and came 100th of 107th in my category. I was new to the sport and a recovering workaholic/fat guy. I was happy to even finish. 2019 I rode with my daughter and didn’t improve (to be fair, I stuck with my daughter to ensure she could finish). After that race, I set the goal of landing solidly in the mid-pack for my category and started structured training. 2020 had other plans and, like everywhere else, COVID cancelled the race. Look out because 2021 will be my year, the 50th percentile has my name on it. I can feel it! Kidding aside, my weight is the same but my power is up 49 Watts, my skills have improved too. I learned to eat on the bike and add some electrolytes to the water from the podcast. So I will definitely do better.

That’s awesome you got to ride that with your daughter in 2019!

Sounds like you’re well on your way to logging some great improvements when this year comes around!

You should still submit your story even though you don’t have that latest race time! With even your power improvements now, Best Bike Split will help us estimate how much faster you’ll be coming off of your baseline performance.

Have been consistently around the 276 for FTP and was all set (again) to do IM Lanzarote this year, before it got pulled until July. I have deferred until 2022.
I have a half I’m doing in July so I switched to the Half distance build (long) I completed this a few weeks ago and then undertook the FTP test for the speciality plan. I went from an FTP of 275 to 304. I turned 50 in March and I’m over the moon with the results.
I use TR religiously for the bike section of the plan and never do a ride outdoors.

That’s an incredible improvement! Way to go!

Can’t be that difficult to send stuff outside of the US. Oh well, saved me having to fill the form in. I know we have thousands of subscribers outside of the US but it’s not worth the effort to get some swag to you.

Probably a bit harsh :joy: but it really annoys me when I see stuff like this.

I’ve got a success story, I went to a local time trial course yesterday to do a workout and set a power PR of 266w on the course in just under 27mins. Unfortunately the time was 30 seconds slower than my PR time in 2015 when I only averaged 243w on arguably worse gear (a mid 90’s raleigh back then compared to an allez today) lol Gotta watch the weather and find a better day to get a time PR!

but it’s pretty sweet that I got an 8.6 sweet spot workout done yesterday!