WATTGAMES: new gamified Zwift alternative with dinosaurs

Watch the trailer:

Turn your indoor cycling into an adventure! A new revolution in fitness gaming, WATTGAMES is the first-ever indoor cycling game that lets you do battle with fearsome enemies, explore a beautifully crafted world and complete missions through exercise. Ride for your life!

As seen on Cade Media today: https://youtu.be/1uDsSoarQWk?si=WUnNPBFNikZ2gwxF&t=223


Saw that on CADE as well. Wild, lol


Is it ironic that a similarly wild (and widely panned) training game ended up with CADEsport as the name (matching the debut site) ? :stuck_out_tongue:

  • I doubt there is any connection, but it’s a funny coincidence.

I guess Zwift alternates have to try and find an angle that will draw members, but this seems like a non-starter for me on par with CADEsport and that bike messenger version that was out a few years ago.

Home (wattgames.net) is their web site. I want it to be good and more entertaining

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I might give this a try? I bought an Xbox last winter to play on the trainer during long Zone 2 rides and it was great on 3+ hour trainer rides.

This could be a fun middle ground, and really, what’s not to love about VO2 Max intervals sprinting away from a T-Rex? Obviously, deep game isn’t in the cards, but could be a fun distraction for the more ADD among us. Like me, for example.

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This is amazing.

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