Wall mounted bike storage recommendations

What recommendations do people have for wall mounted bike storage. I want to store mine and my wife’s bikes (4 in total at the moment, but not going to kid myself it will remain at that number). I’ve been looking at the Feedbacksports velo hinge to store them vertically and maximise space in my cave. Any comments on this or other recommendations?

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https://www.planetx.co.uk/i/q/TOJOSWMBH/jobsworth-steel-wall-mounted-bike-hanger-(folding-hook) (EDIT - see they are out of stock - I bought exactly the same thing from ebay at same price).

If you want to be able to angle bike so is flatter to wall you can make a simple bracket up with wood and hinge for pennies.

Velo hinge will do same thing of course.

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I have a bunch of Steadyracks (https://www.steadyrack.com/). Same principle as the Velohinge in storing the bikes vertically and then allowing you to pivot them flatter against the wall. But supports the wheel from underneath instead of using a hook. Which is good if you’re worried about damaging deep carbon rims. Maybe not so good if you leave the bike on there long enough to let the tires go flat!

I think the approach of both Steadyrack and velo hinge is the most space efficient. Works really well for getting bikes in and out as well, since you can move them to the side to get enough space.


Big fan of steadyrack. Suggest getting the fender version which is a bit more versatile.

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I’ve got 3 velo hinges side by side and they work great. Those stedyrack look great, substantially more expensive though. One word of caution for the velo hinge, if you have some larger MTB tires they can be a bit tough to fit in the hinge I’ve got some chunky Maxxis Minion 2.5" and they fit, but you have to be deliberate about it

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Check out the Clug, they’re going fairly cheap on Amazon at the moment, and I’ve been really impressed with mine!

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Ikeas Garden tools rack with their bike extension have worked out pretty well for me.

Manage to squeeze 3 bikes into the apartment with approval :+1:

Ive got the cheap ($10) ones from bunning up alont one wall, while they where mounted straight, the irony is that the manufacturing is not that great so they all hang at different angles,

i’ll give them a 5/10… :stuck_out_tongue: