How are you storing your bike racks?

I take my bike rack on and off all the time as I don’t see the need to keep it on the car 24/7. I found that the biggest issue is with the rack being off the car is it is not stable and falls over and it also takes a lot of space.

A few weeks ago I started looking for storage solutions for my Thule T2 bike rack and I came up empty handed finding much information or solutions online.

I made this and think its an awesome solution - what do you guys use/do?

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Same idea here:

And more generic options:

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I missed those!

That is some great ideas - I like the swagman rack. I am using 4 x 4" lag bolts on mine, I tested my combination with 200lbs and it didn’t miss a beat!

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I have 2 large bike hooks that are into a sheet of lumber and hang the Thule off them. Though I really like the options above. The hooks are starting to bend after 5 years.

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Hi and sorry for the up, Thank you for sharing! I’ve never ever thought about this issue, riding with it for 2 years, it looks like a bad habit. Still can’t imagine how it would be suitable for hitch racks like mine

Well, I’ve buyed vertical bike rack for storage and saving some more space in my garage, and I’m vey happy with this purchase.