Bicycle floor rack - any recommendations?

I’ve been looking for a way to organize my wife and kids bikes in the garage that makes it easy for them to take them out and put them away instead of just leaning them against whatever wall space they decide looks free.

All my bikes are hanging from the ceiling, and while there’s space up there, thats not practical for my wife or kids - too much lifting, too short, etc. So I’m looking for a floor solution that will be easy for them and they’ll actually use.

Another complication is the different size of bikes:

  • my wife’s 29er MTB
  • my 8 year olds 24x2.8” Secialized Riprock
  • my 5 year olds pedal bike - a Giant Animator

Nothing I’ve seen online looks like it’ll work for those different size bikes. I’m thinking I may have to just get some 2x4 and do the DIY solution.

Anyone have ideas for either store-bought or DIY options that might work?

This is limited to 2.4", but might be able to be modified (or copied via DIY) for the wider tires.

They are decent for multiple wheel sizes and reasonably stable.


Thx Chad. I might get one of these for the 29er, and do DIY versions for the other bikes. The DIY approach may actually work better for the kids bikes, given small wheel size/wide tires.

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This is exactly what we use in our garage. We have 2 rows of 4 racks connected together, with a variety of cross, mountain (29er), and road bikes set into each. They work great for us.

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Hooks for bikes I ride on occasion, for bikes in rotation, bike on trainer and main one hanging on a work stand.

You can get more robust/commercial (and expensive) versions of this, but this kind of thing would seem to suit your need and is quite inexpensive.

Just bought this same rack on Amazon for $20.00. (Currently $27.00) It works great! Travels really well too.


I am looking at this rediculusly priced bike nook.

I do t have room for the bikes to be horizontal and my wife cannot get her bike on/off the hook it hangs from.

I did something like this with my bike storage (though not this huge):

The advantages is it’s easy to change things up when the kiddos bike gets bigger.

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I use one of these when I have a bike standing free in the garage. Works reasonably well.

I like the way the width of the rack can be adjusted with some foam. This available just in Australia?

I saw this on amazon, and some reviews said It would not work with 27.5+ tires, and that the disc on a 29er can get caught on the rack. Given it won’t be me putting the bikes in the rack, I don’t want to risk someone not as careful (ahem, wife, ahem) bending a disc.

This is looking like a winner. I’ll buy one for the 29er, and get more if it works for the other bikes.

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:grin: I’m going with the easy horizontal roll in approach for this reason.

Is that spring loaded where it clamps onto the wheel?

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I bought them at a bike shop in the US. Looks like you can order from Home Depot

Or Amazon or a bunch of other retailers. Just search shopping for willworx and there are a bunch of options.

I don’t use the foam, but, I can see how a pool noodle or insulation would be helpful.

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The weight of the wheel closes the top arms onto the sides of the wheel. The spring resists that a little bit and keeps the arms together. It doesn’t pull the arms onto the wheel.

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Decided to go with the DIY approach. Tailored for each bike. A good Sunday morning project with the kids. Next weekend they get to paint it.