Wahoo trainer calibration not working [RESOLVED ✅]

Updated app on my Mac yesterday and now the calibration screen just perpetually displays a spinning widget as if it’s unsuccessfully able to connect or load something. Anyone else experiencing this? Rebooted and power-cycled numerous times.

For clarity, which app are you using for calibration (guessing TR but want to be sure)?

If it’s the TR app, contacting TR support directly is likely your best option.


Hey there! This sounds like it’s related to a bug that popped up yesterday that our developers are working on fixing.

I’ve toggled a setting off on your account that should have it fixed once you restart your TR app!

Alternatively, you can use your trainer’s smartphone app to calibrate – in this case, the Wahoo Fitness App. Calibration data gets stored locally in your trainer, so you’ll be good to go on the TR app should you choose to calibrate using your trainer’s associated app instead.

Please feel free to reach out to me or TR Support if you have any other issues.


Excellent, thanks for the prompt response and assisting with the setting! I will keep an eye out for updates.

Can you let me/us know which setting was changed for the short-term fix?

I had the same problem.

No problem!

Unfortunately, the impacted setting is only accessible from TR’s backend, which is why we ask that you let me or TR Support know.

Our devs should have a hot fix out for this one shortly, though!

@PhilC36 just toggled that setting for you as well – you should be good to go once you restart the TR app!

I’m experiencing this too on the macOS app. Can run the calibration in the iOS app though

Didn’t realise this was even a thing. I’ve only ever calibrated my wahoo through the wahoo app. Is there any difference/advantage of doing it through the TR app?


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I doubt there is any difference in how the calibration is applied. For me it’s just convenient to do it with the same app that I am using for training. Similar to initiating power meter calibration from my head unit rather than doing it from the Stages app.


Hey all,

Our developers released a hot fix yesterday evening that should have this issue solved. Please let me or TR Support know if you run into any more trouble!

@AussieRider just confirming what @jeffleonard said – there isn’t any difference between using the Wahoo app or the TR app to calibrate. Either app can be used to trigger the calibration process to begin, and then the trainer itself performs the calibration and the data is stored internally inside the device.


Now it says something like “calibration not available for this device”

Got it – I just toggled the setting on your account that was buggy (but no longer should be!) back to on – next time you restart your TR app, go ahead and give it a new try!

If you don’t mind me asking, what version of the KICKR are you on? If it’s a post-2020 model (starting with the KICKR V5 and then V6), you don’t need to calibrate as it does so automatically.

Pre-2020 models and the KICKR Core, though, do need to be manually calibrated.

In any case, I’ll relay this info to our Test Team so they can investigate!

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Hi, thanks for the info. It’s a V5 KICKR. I know it auto calibrates but I also like to be able to do a manual calibration before a ramp test for example.

It may be a few days before I’m back on the trainer as we’ve got sunny Spring weather here in the uk! Time to hit the road for a change.

Thanks again


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Glad you’re getting some nice weather! We’ve had a wet winter where I live here in California, but I feel like I can’t complain too much as it sure isn’t the UK!

On the KICKR V5 and later, manual calibration isn’t possible at all – I learned that we had calibration on the TR app as an “option” for these devices, but it didn’t actually do anything.

Here are Wahoo’s own words on the matter:

Do I still need to do a regular spindown calibration [with a KICKR V5/6]?
No - a regular spindown is no longer needed because the automatic calibration is always on. Additionally, regular spindowns are no longer possible with these devices. If you have concerns, you can always ensure that you coast for a few seconds in between your warmup and your workout/ride/race.

Wahoo’s full support article on the subject can be found here.

Hope that helps clear things up – that would explain why you’re seeing a “calibration not available” message.

Enjoy the sunny riding in the meantime!

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