Can calibrate Kickr in TR, but not Wahoo app. Can I still "trust" Power Match?

I’m having all sorts of issues with my Kickr Core when trying to update firmware and get a proper calibration in the Wahoo app. I’m going to see if I can get that sorted with Wahoo of course, but in the meantime, I was wondering if Power Match will still work?

I have been able to calibrate the Kickr once (today) in the TR app and workouts with Power Match have seemed to work so far (before today - haven’t done today’s yet). RPE has been all over the place lately - I haven’t been able to figure out if that’s bad diet/sleep (probably) or maybe the Kickr acting funny.


Just to mention it, PowerMatch exists within TrainerRoad, but also native to the Kickr as well so it would be good to confirm exactly which one you are discussing.

Assuming you are talking about TR, with a power meter and the Core paired in the TR app, with PowerMatch active, you should be fine. Meaning that TR is using your power meter to set power targets, not the trainer data.

You didn’t mention it, but presumably you are able to calibrate whatever power meter you are using and getting acceptable results there?

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I’m using a 4iiii left side PM that calibrates just fine via the 4iiii app or TR. I’ve been using Power Match in TR to drive the trainer from the 4iiii unit for pretty much all of my indoor workouts.

Indoor workouts have seemed harder than usual lately, especially for comparable power on my outdoor bike also with a 4iiii PM. I’d hoped to calibrate the Kickr and do some test rides on both bikes to see if maybe the 4iiii’s are in the same ballpark.

We have seen answers on both sides of the “Do you need to calibrate the trainer if you are using PowerMatch within TR?” question. But importantly, TR has said more than once, that calibration is not needed for the trainer when using PowerMatch with a bike power meter.

So I wouldn’t necessarily blame a lack of calibration for the trainer as a fault here. It COULD be a sign that something else is actually off for the trainer though, and that’s certainly worth checking to make sure it’s operating properly regardless of calibration status.

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Cheers … thanks Chad!

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Out of interest, have you tried a factory spindown in the Wahoo app?


Going to give that a shot. I tried a few times today but kept getting errors…for example the flywheel would come to a stop and the Kickr would get stuck showing a certain speed/cadence.

I’m leaving it unplugged for a bit…hopefully that’ll clear the cobwebs and then I can get this sorted with Wahoo.


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